Kocaeli City Hospital Tram Line Construction Started

Kocaeli city hospital tram line construction started
Photo: Özgürkocaeli

After the completion of the connection roads of Kocaeli City Hospital, which could not be completed for 5 years, the construction of the tram line, which was built by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, started. For the tram line, work is carried out at two different points in front of the City Hospital construction and at Arsenal.

According to the news of Süriye Çatak Tek from Özgürkocaeli; “While the construction of the City Hospital was not delivered on the given date, Highways completed the connection roads to the hospital and it was time for the tram line. The construction work of the line, which will be 3,1 kilometers long, started in front of the City Hospital and at two separate points inside the Arsenal. It was stated that work has not been done in areas other than the intensive work points, due to the fact that the implementation projects have not yet been completed.

Site Delivery Completed on 30 October

The tender of the City Hospital Tram Line, which was planned to be built in Kocaeli City Hospital and transferred to the Ministry of Transport by the Metropolitan Municipality, was held on September 17th. Eze İnşaat could not find a site for a long time in the project, where the location representation was made on October 30. The company then moved to the construction site used by the Highways and started work here. Construction work started about a week ago after October 30

Application Projects Missing

The start of the tram line was delayed after the completion of the connection roads of the Highways at the City Hospital, whose foundations were laid in 2015 and could not be completed for 5 years. The tram line to be built in 6 different hospitals and the City Hospital, which has a 1218 bed capacity, will cost 284 million. Since the application projects have not been completed yet, Eze Construction has started work around the hospital for now. With the completion of the application projects, work will begin in the city center. The beginning of the route to the City Hospital will be in front of Colonel İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Primary School. On the current route, an ore was left for this line from the rails laid.

To be completed in 2 years

The tram line to be built to the City Hospital will be 3,1 kilometers long and consists of 5 stations. The line, with a design speed of 50 kilometers / hour, will also be integrated into the Otogar and Kuruçeşme lines. Thanks to the project, 39 thousand additional passengers will come on the tram line per day and the traffic density in the city center will decrease. The project is planned to be completed in 2 years.

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