Tezmaksan Academy Opens a Practice Class at Topkapı Schools

Tezmaksan Academy opened a practice class in Topkapi Schools
Tezmaksan Academy opened a practice class in Topkapi Schools

📩 06/11/2020 12:25

The fact that the curriculum applied in vocational technical high schools did not meet the needs accelerated the modernization work here, while the education in the Tezmaksan Classroom established in Topkapı Schools increased the interest in the machinery department from 27 percent to 67 percent.

The Ministry of National Education continues to cooperate with the public and private sectors, especially TOBB, in order to pave the way for vocational high schools and modernize them in accordance with the needs of the age. Founded by Turkey's technology partner, Tezmaksan and machining in the manufacturing sector ministries who want to work with young people with free education governing approval Tezmaksan Academy School in Topkapı drew attention to the results of the projects implemented.

Tezmaksan Academy, which provides free operator, cutting tool technology, CNC machining center, robot and automation training to young people in its branches in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, as well as cooperating with vocational high schools and vocational schools, opened an application class in Topkapı Schools. The curriculum, in which students are selected through interviews, theoretical and practical trainings are supported with technical trips, and important managers of the manufacturing industry participate in classes as master instructors and explain the new way of production and where it will go, increasing the interest in the machine and machine tools department. It was determined that after the Tezmaksan Classes, which enables internships in important industrial establishments and supports young people to invest more in themselves with scholarship opportunities, the ratio of those who preferred the machinery section of the school increased from 2020 percent to 2021 percent in the 27-67 academic year.

We said 'There is a job in the industry', we trained young people and placed them in jobs

Tezmaksan Academy Chairman Hakan Aydoğdu said, “The academy we established by saying 'There is something in the industry' made important contributions to the sector in a short time. We established educational collaborations with high schools and vocational colleges, provided practical training, and provided machinery and equipment support. We also provided in-class trainings before the pandemic and online trainings during the pandemic period to young people who are high school and college graduates and want to work in industry, and we continue to do so. We wanted to apply our curriculum and model, which is based on technology, needs and application, and at the same time make the process fun and creative, under Tezmaksan classes at the high school. The classes we opened at Topkapı Schools showed us that the models that truly demonstrate the value of the industry are widely accepted by both students and families. The fact that this is the reason for the intense demand has shown that we are on the right track and has also been a pioneer in terms of growing this project. " said.

The tendency to dislike the job stems from not having complete information

Pointing out that the criticisms of the new generation, “Current young people do not like the job” are frequently made, Aydoğdu continued his words as follows: “We see that the tendency of young people not to like jobs is due to their lack of full knowledge about vocational high schools. We have come across good examples that show that these attitudes change when they get full knowledge and become equipped. We tell vocational high school youths to put aside the stereotype 'I don't want to work in dirt and rust'. Because the jobs that grow in their eyes are now done with computer-controlled technologies. CNC operator means someone who can find a job in every sector and every factory. If they learn this job persistently, they can prepare a very good future for themselves in 5-6 years. "

Drawing attention to the fact that production in the manufacturing industry is now carried out with smart automation systems and robot solutions, Aydoğdu said, “We teach the ABC of CNC to young people who set their future in industry. Production is heartbreaking, so is education… We wanted young people to take firm steps to factories and workshops by using these technologies, which are the cornerstones of the industry, ”he said.

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