258 cyclists in traffic the last two years of life were lost in Turkey

258 cyclists in traffic the last two years of life were lost in Turkey
258 cyclists in traffic the last two years of life were lost in Turkey

increased interest in cycling casualties in Turkey has increased at the same speed. In the last two years, 258 cyclists died in traffic. It drew attention to the fact that all the accidents occurred when vehicle drivers hit cyclists from behind. The Bicycle Life Platform called on all ministries to stop accidents.

The last of the accidents in which cyclists lost their lives was in İzmir and Ankara. In İzmir's Çiğli district
training Karşıyaka Municipality Youth and Sports Club Cycling Team Athlete Zeynep Aslan (32),
He died caught under a truck coming from the opposite direction. In Ankara, 19-year-old cyclist Umut Gündüz died when an alcoholic driver was hit by a vehicle he was driving. Thus, the number of cyclists who died in accidents in the last month alone rose to 11.

Death comes in sight

Speaking on behalf of the Life with Bicycle Platform, Mustafa Karakuş said that all deaths were
He drew attention to the fact that he lost his life as a result of a collision from behind in the lane. Motor vehicle drivers "Insensitive,
stating that accidents were experienced due to his carelessness, “In fact, even calling them as accidents
not possible. Because many accidents involve the cyclist on the far right and in front of the motor vehicle driver.
it is happening despite seeing. So he hits the cyclist despite his sight. After the accident, statements always
'I didn't see it or it was going in the middle of the road' it happens. It is logical that 258 drivers are right in 258 accidents.
female. This situation becomes clear when you look at the camera images in most of the accidents. So
"With a bicycle, death comes in sight," he said.


Turkey urges

This increase in the number of accidents should now be seen by all segments of the society and
Stating that measures, inspections and trainings should be increased for its development, Karakuş said, “All ministries and
In Turkey, we are making a call to local governments. Speed ​​limits should be taken under control, your bicycle
must be accepted by the drivers. Safe lanes must be separated. Universal rules
Action should be taken to include it in the curriculum and to emphasize respect for people ”.

The world drives his car with respect

Saying that safe bicycle transportation should be adopted in traffic, Karakuş said, “Because of the traffic law
There is an article written since. He also says that bicycle is a means of transportation. How to use this vehicle in traffic
writes in the law. According to the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918, if there are cyclists,
If there is no road, they use one lane of the motor vehicle road and have priority passage. But driving license
If only there is a perception in Turkey for the concept of using the car. Car according to the rules
there is no perception to use it. It is possible to create this perception in people. Because this is the world tool
uses. "He uses people with respect."

Do not get blood on your hands

Karakuş continued as follows: As cyclists, we want to increase traffic safety measures first. Because if you hit my bike I will die. For this, we request that all vehicle drivers from all traffic units be given non-stop warnings on this issue. We want this issue to be taken seriously in motor vehicle trainings and exams. There are 258 lives in the middle. Here are the 258 people we lost in just two years, all of this is not
He lost his life because of. It is in our hands to stop these deaths, it will continue and
It is also in our hands to find it. Let's stop these accidents "


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