Turkish Red Crescent in İzmir with 56 Thousand People Nutrition Capacity

Turkish Red Crescent in İzmir with 56 Thousand People Nutrition Capacity
Turkish Red Crescent in İzmir with 56 Thousand People Nutrition Capacity

The Turkish Red Crescent, which sends its teams to the region after the earthquake that occurred off the Aegean Sea and caused destruction in Izmir, meets the nutritional needs of the earthquake victims with the meals it prepares. While the Red Crescent was serving with disaster experts at four points in the city center and in Seferihisar, it also prepared the hygiene materials required for earthquake victims and started shipping to the region.

While the search and rescue efforts continue after the earthquake affected by Izmir, the Red Crescent teams also provide nutritional support to earthquake victims at 4 points in Izmir and also in Seferihisar. The Red Crescent, which also meets the needs of the teams working in the region, also carries out the delivery of the materials that may be needed. Red Crescent, which prepared the hygiene materials and sent them, in these days when the Covid-19 pandemic was experienced, sent psychosocial support teams to the region for the spiritual effects of the earthquake.

"We mobilized as the Red Crescent"

Stating that the Red Crescent is working in the earthquake zone with its branches, volunteers and disaster experts to serve earthquake victims, Turkish Red Crescent President Dr. Kerem Kınık said, “In the acute phase of the disaster, intervention studies, search and rescue efforts continue. As Red Crescent, we mobilized a large number of personnel from İzmir, Adana, Düzce, Ankara, İstanbul, Denizli and Afyon regions, a vehicle carrying nutrition and accommodation equipment, our branches and volunteers in the region. A feeding capacity of approximately 56 thousand 300 people was created in the field. Currently, the Red Crescent is distributing 5 thousand people, 3 NGOs, a total of 11 thousand people / meal soup. 79 people, including 70 personnel and 149 volunteers, work actively in the field. There are 5 Catering vehicles, 5 Mobile Kitchens, 3 Sahara Kitchens in the area. In addition, our vehicles serve in 7 different missions with 17 leading vehicles. Turkish Red Crescent capacity of 265 thousand 800 people across Turkey nutrition / meals are. Of the total capacity, 209 people / meal capacity is ready to be shipped to the region in case of need. Our tent capacity, which can serve tens of thousands of people, is also kept ready in Izmir. In the crisis center created under the coordination of AFAD within our Governorate, our colleagues continue to make needs assessment and capacities ready. As of now, the nutritional needs of the personnel working in the regions where search and rescue are carried out, the nutrition and accommodation needs of our citizens who cannot enter their homes or whose houses are damaged are met by our Red Crescent disaster teams, volunteers and branches. Our psychosocial support teams are working. Since we caught this disaster especially during the pandemic process, the risk of the pandemic should also be managed in this process. Considering that personal protective equipment will be needed for both the personnel engaged in search and rescue and humanitarian aid activities, the Red Crescent has delivered these materials to the field. In this sense, the needs of our citizens for pandemic hygiene kits will also be met. On the other hand, extra personnel and physical capacity were installed in the region for possible needs, humanitarian aid and logistics needs. " said.

"Streets, avenues must remain open"

Stating that the aftershocks of the Aegean faults have a feature that can be large, frequent and continuous, Kınık said, “The tremors may be felt in the next period, which may last for a month. If our citizens see physical cracks in their columns and beams, they should not enter their homes in the first 72 hours during this acute period. Let them wait for the instructions from the relevant people. Especially the areas where search and rescue are carried out should be kept open. It is possible to reach the wounded and transfer them to hospitals every time he witnesses us. Therefore, streets, avenues must remain open. Our citizens should definitely not go out with their vehicles. " he spoke.

"There is no need for any blood"

Explaining that the Red Crescent made stock shipment to add to the region at the point of blood services, General President Kınık said, “There is no need for blood in the region. Our citizens can also be of good cheer in this sense. Our disaster units in the surrounding areas are on the alert for a possible increase in food and shelter needs. In this sense, our materials loaded on vehicles are ready. We wish mercy from God Almighty to our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake. We wish immediate recovery to the injured. There are those who are in severe condition and undergoing surgery. Our nation is strong, our state is powerful. We are a society that knows their solidarity with each other. These pains can be overcome, but we need to be ready together for this reality we live and will live, the realities of disasters. " made the statement.

Following the developments in Izmir, Turkish Red Crescent will direct reinforcement teams to the region if needed.


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