Buying a House in Installments is Very Easy with Birevim

Buying a House in Installments is Very Easy with Birevim
Buying a House in Installments is Very Easy with Birevim

Owning a house is an issue that almost all of today's people dream of. However, the high cost and accordingly low income makes it almost impossible to save money to buy a house. There are various installment ways of buying a house in today's economic system. However, these methods, together with monthly installments, create costs well above the value under interest burden. In addition, people who are sensitive to interest and quite a lot cannot use these methods. Birevim turns the dream of buying a house without interest into reality with the various savings systems it has created. Buying a house in installments The options prepared for the company have monthly installments arranged according to the person's ability to pay. In this way, it is possible to own a house in installments less than a house rent without any difficulty.

Buying a House in Interest-Free Installments

My home The customers determine the price of the house they want, where they want to buy, and the monthly payment amounts in the different savings systems offered to them. Upon this, a draw is drawn in the group they entered, determining the order in which they can receive their houses. The drawing is held in the presence of a notary. Buying a home without down payment or the decision to buy a house with a down payment, like the amount of monthly installments, is a matter determined by the customer. Customers who want to pay down payment naturally end their debts earlier. The amount deposited as down payment is deducted directly from the total debt. Accordingly, the maturity of the remaining amount is reduced and the debt payment ends at an earlier date.

Buying a House in Installments Without Down Payment

Saving options prepared by Birevim to own a house become possible by joining a group where other people with the same ability to pay meet. There is no maturity difference, interest, increasing payment, interim payment down payment in the system that allows you to buy a house through a kind of cooperation. Interim payment and down payment are an issue that the customer himself decides in line with his ability to pay. Those who want to end their debt earlier and can reduce their debt with interim payments or down payment. Persons who do not have the power to pay down payment, down payment to buy a house in installments can take advantage of. People in the middle and lower income groups can buy a house with their home options.

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