'Season V: Legacy of Fıre' is now on Conqueror's Blade

'Season V: Legacy of Fıre' is now on Conqueror's Blade
'Season V: Legacy of Fıre' is now on Conqueror's Blade

Season V Exotic New Territory Adds Rewards, Fire Units, and More!

My.Games is proud to announce the release of Season V: Legacy of Fire, the latest expansion to the popular medieval MMO Conqueror's Blade! This new season inspired by the period of the powerful Byzantine Empire; It invites warlords to embark on expeditions across Anatolia to uncover forgotten tales of the past, recruit powerful fiery units and unlock special seasonal rewards. With Season V, it's easier than ever for players to join the battle, thanks to the renewed trainings and the brand new Empiros (EU4) server, which creates a playing field in equal terms.

The embers of war burn brighter - take advantage of the raw power of the flame and bend these lands to shape, for a new era of conquest has begun! Season V: Legacy of Fire features:

Discover the Brand New Anatolian Region

Journey into the distant past and watch the Kingdom of Empiros and their great militia, the Simaki Brotherhood, launch a doomed operation in Anatolia. All players will start Season V in new lands and finally explore this stunning new region. Introduced since the launch of Conqueror's Blade, this first zone provides the theater for the bi-weekly Territory Battles where players can fight for control of the land.

Advance in a Brand New Season Campaign

Players; He will battle with time and flames as he embarks on a Seasonal Campaign full of challenges and rewards. The war will end with a massive attack on Reginopolis, the capital of Anatolia and the future head jewel of a mighty empire.

Unleash Hellfire with Two New Units

It's much easier to fan the flames of battles with two new units unlocked during Season V. These warriors use weapons loaded with hellfire, a caustic liquid developed by alchemists in the Empiros Kingdom. The Zikalian Militia is an effective defense force that uses disposable earthen grenades, which are a fiery deterrent for attackers during siege wars. Players can also recruit the Sifanoris, an imposing force armed with hand-held flamethrowers. They have sworn to keep the secret of the nature of Hellfire, and will fight by putting their teeth on their toes to avoid being caught alive.

Join the Ranks of the Simaki Brotherhood

Additional reinforcements can be summoned as fan favorite units are promoted to the ranks of the Simaki Brotherhood! Simaki Yigitler is an elite regiment based on Spear Sergeants, while Simaki Paladins inherit the torch from the Musketeers. Base units can be upgraded to a different difficulty through Season Claims.

Uncover Epic New Rewards

As players rise through their ranks, they will earn special rewards with over 100 reward levels with Season V's Battle Pass. In the immediate first level of the Battle Pass, players will unlock the noble Vigla Guardian Hero Ornament and set the battlefield on fire, while earning increasingly impressive rewards, including the Vardariot Unit and Horse Decorations, four new Emotion Icons, and the mighty Strategos Hero Ornament.

Revamped Classic Cosmetics and New Weapon Skins to Collect

Players can also collect Hero Tokens from the Battle Pass and use them for 11 new weapon skins worthy of the Brotherhood of Simaki in the Seasonal Store. Goblets added with Season V can also be earned and used to obtain revamped classic cosmetics! Using Goblets, players can get new versions of fan favorite Hero Ornaments, Horse Ornaments, and weapon skins not available since Season I.

Rage with the flames of history in Season V: Legacy of Fire, now available as a free update for Conqueror's Blade. For more information on this update, check out the latest patch notes and discover the story of Season V.


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