Passport Ferry Port is entering the amendment

Passport Pier is undergoing amendments
Passport Pier is undergoing amendments

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of İZDENİZ is renovating the Passport Pier. A floating dock was built inside the Passport Breakwater in order for the cruise to continue smoothly.

The historical Passport Ferry Pier, one of the busiest points of the voyages in the Gulf, is being renovated. Within the scope of the works carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; The wooden coatings and railings on the pier and the steel construction under the walkway will be renewed.

Floating dock was built

Look, and the repair work will start within the week of 19-25 October after the completion of the permit procedures carried out by the Izmir Port Authority and will take 75 days. In this process, cruise ships will use the floating dock built near the existing pier within the Passport Breakwater.

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