Konya City Hospital Opened to Service

Konya City Hospital Opened to Service
Konya City Hospital Opened to Service

📩 12/11/2020 18:02

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended Konya City Hospital Opening Ceremony. President Erdoğan cut the opening ribbon with the participants at the ceremony.

In his speech at the Opening Ceremony of Konya City Hospital, President Erdoğan congratulated those who contributed to the construction of the hospital and wished the hospital to be beneficial to the city, country and nation.

Saying, “We built one of the biggest city hospitals in Konya, which constitutes the peak of our services in the field of health all over our country,” Erdogan said, “Our hospital was originally planned as 838 beds. We saw that this capacity was insufficient for Konya and gave our instructions during the groundbreaking ceremony and increased the number of beds in our hospital to 1250 ”.

Stating that the hospital is a proud work with 240 intensive care beds, 49 operating rooms, 17 burns units, Erdoğan reminded that the hospital started admitting patients in August.

Expressing that the hospital served nearly 100 people in September, Erdoğan said, “This is a sign of the investment made. Today we are opening the first stage. I hope we will put the remaining part into service right after the New Year, ”he said.

In his speech at the Konya City Hospital Opening Ceremony held with the participation of President Erdoğan, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said that the future of a country with a strong health system is also under guarantee.

Turkey's President Erdogan's leadership in health in the era skip a period in which there pointing to her husband, Konya City Hospital, city hospitals, stressed that the chain ring as the 16th presented to the public.

Pointing out that the hospital will be an important center of healthcare, education and research in the center of Anatolia, Koca said: “We expect our hospital to meet an important need for Konya and its surroundings, with a closed area of ​​421 thousand square meters, and 1250 operating rooms equipped with high technology. It will serve with 49 intensive care beds. Patients will be examined in 240 polyclinics at the same time. With the commissioning of our city hospital, our other hospital was devoted to a pandemic and there was a rapid relief in our city. "

"Our number of patients is decreasing in a short time"

Pointing out that although there are differences across the country due to the epidemic, the burden of hospitals has partially increased, Koca said, “The number of serious patients that we fear to lose increases from time to time. All these require meticulous maintenance and uninterrupted service, as well as the necessary resources and infrastructures. As you know, there has been a significant increase in the number of patients in many parts of Anatolia, especially Ankara and Konya, in the past month. We have made regional assessments in various provinces of our Anatolia for the last month. Our entire healthcare organization has managed to stop this trend by dealing with devotion. We saw that with the measures taken, the number of our patients is decreasing in a short time. This shows that it is in our hands to overcome the epidemic. We can achieve this by fighting together as a nation, ”he said.

"Currently, our bed occupancy rate in our city is 46 percent"

Koca pointed out that they are working intensively throughout the country, that they are increasing gradually, and that the filming teams are on the field, and said:

“We have seen the results of regional interventions in recent weeks. In many of our provinces, including Konya, where we talked about high increases, we quickly achieved success and controlled the course of the epidemic. The number of patients in Konya has decreased more than half in the last 3 weeks. Currently 46 percent of our city, our bed occupancy rate, our intensive care bed occupancy rate of 69 percent, 25 percent ventilator Our occupancy rate is continuing to decline throughout Turkey. In Turkey, 44 percent of our general beds, intensive care, 65 percent of our city. I believe that, thanks to the investments made in health, our strong infrastructure and our self-sacrificing healthcare professionals, we are managing the fight against the epidemic more effectively than in many countries. "

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