Kayacık Logistics Center Will Make Important Contributions to the Economy!

Kayacık Logistics Center Will Make Important Contributions to the Economy!
Kayacık Logistics Center Will Make Important Contributions to the Economy!

6th Term MUSIAD Konya Branch President Dr. Lütfi Şimşek said, “The logistics center has a very important place and a position for MUSIAD. We drew the framework of the logistics center at the transportation meeting we held in 2004. This work is Konya's most beautiful kazanis it," he said.

Stating that the logistics center has an important place in the life of Konya and MUSIAD, 6th Term MUSIAD Konya Branch President Dr. Lütfi Şimşek said, “We basically made an effort to come up with the idea at the MUSIAD desks. Afterwards, it was a good investment in Konya, awakening the vast, tolerant and cooperative feelings and thoughts of Konya. kazanwe were,” he said.


Stating that they drew the framework of the logistics center at the transportation meeting in 2004, Şimşek said, “When we started talking about the logistics center, Konya public opinion said, 'What is this logistics center? Why are you saying this? What will this do? ' We started to manage the business with questions starting from the basics of the business. Together with the MÜSİAD working group and our expert professors from the university, we tried to set up the logistics center in Konya. Traveling through more than 250 gates, we entered into a study and effort on how the logistics center will contribute to Konya's economy and what benefits it will have. At that time, many opinion leaders in the city supported this issue very much. The logistics center was a very devoted work that did not have any infrastructure in the city before, was completely original and appeared on MUSIAD tables. He also accompanied the rising logistics center for Konya, Turkey period, we created the idea of ​​establishing "he said.


Reminding that the foundation of the logistics center was laid at the end of 2016, Şimşek said: “The determination that led to the establishment of the logistics center is the determination of this city. Of course, we have had good and bad years in the process, but there is a fact that behind this project was definitely the great support and effort of MUSIAD. The foundation of this project, the systematic of which we have established, was laid in December, the last month of my presidency. In this sense, we are very happy. At that time, after explaining the logistic center idea to Konya, it became clear that it was followed with a more formal structure. MUSIAD formed a working group. We named it Konya Logistics Committee. I also chaired the Konya Logistics Committee. With the work we did together with our academics in the Logistics Committee, we first ensured that the logistic center idea was internalized together with the representatives of all the institutions that are the cornerstone of the city. We ensured that working groups, which were not related to logistics in the past, learn and digest logistics. "


Logistics center, Konya's most beautiful kazanEmphasizing that there is a significant difference between the two countries, Şimşek said, “We have crowned the logistics center with a good report that will reveal the logistics strategy of the Konya-Karaman region, which is also supported by the Mevlana Development Agency (MEVKA). Until the date we made this study, Turkey's logistics strategy had not been formed yet. Because we held many meetings with the institutions that defend and support logistics at the highest level in Turkey. When we shared these at that time, we were instrumental in taking important decisions regarding the formulation of Turkey's logistics strategy. I believe that we have accelerated this work by raising awareness that Turkey needs a logistics strategy. The report we prepared with MEVKA has made our work easier with the experts, the relevant people, the opinion leaders, the government and the opposition in Turkey. In universities, these are considered as source books and are reprinted when they are finished. It was a good report, also embellished with international examples, describing all the features that a logistics center should have," he said.


"In order to create the logistics center culture in Konya, we had to explain that this job is not just truck business," said Şimşek, adding: "By visiting many managers; We tried to spread the idea that emerged in our minds to the field, we did a work that made everyone internalize that there was a need for a logistics center. I think it was a nice work. In planning our state and our logistics center in the Republic of Turkey Iron Yolları'yl We conducted this study in a way that constitutes a task. We have always aimed to keep this on the agenda with years of work. As a matter of fact, when the decisions to build the logistics center were taken, our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave the message, "We will establish the logistics center and transport your cargoes to the ports fast and economically" at the Konya rally, which was the foundation of the logistics center culture in this city. When the Logistics Center project was planned, our President was the Prime Minister, when the foundation was laid, he was the President, and at the opening he opened it as the President. We thank him very much for his support. MUSIAD did not carry out the construction of the logistics center, but with its organizations supporting this city, it gave the message that it is indispensable and indispensable. We are aware that we have a say in the logistics center setup. "


Mentioning that logistics centers have many advantages, Şimşek said, “While constructing the logistics center; We dreamed of a logistics center where road, rail, sea and air transport are gathered in one center. Located at the intersection of highways, Konya is the center of logistics. We are very close to the airport. The Konya-Karaman-Mersin train lines, which are currently in operation, have also been a beautiful axis that enables us to reach Mersin port and includes the sea route. We have not only started the construction of the logistics center; We also triggered Konya to turn to air cargo, railway, road and international transportation. The logistics center is like a living center on its own. Our dream; working, producing, kazanThe moment was a model that brought, imports, exports, buys products abroad, sells products, distributes and accumulates the products collected within itself, and at the same time carries out a different work by adding added value to them, and thank God, it was realized.” .


Konya Karaman- Mersin line with the transport of the first fast train planned that expresses Lightning in Turkey, "three-line container the idea of ​​making the infrastructure in a suitable transport already emerged after these studies and projects has not only passengers, container also turned to be with an infrastructure that will carry we had made a decision. We have created an infrastructure that will not only carry our logistics lines like Konya-Ankara, Konya-Istanbul line, but also. During this period, we did a lot of work on the infrastructure of the Beyşehir-Kayseri line. We held joint meetings with the relevant cities. We mobilized the public in this sense. Perhaps most importantly, we held a big meeting in Mersin where the opinions of the governors, mayors and ministers of all three cities were gathered. In this sense, the internal mechanisms of all three cities followed this and reached the level that will bring the current railway works to an end ”.


Emphasizing that MUSIAD Konya has contributed to the economic and social development of its members and the city since its establishment, Ömer Faruk Okka, Head of MUSIAD Konya Branch, said, “MUSIAD Konya Branch continues its activities to improve the international competitiveness of its members and Konya. Our commission named Konya Development Group, which operates in this direction, has been the pioneer of many projects that will contribute to our city in economic and social terms and continues to do so. In the past, Turkey today one of the most important irrigation project and turned into flowing clear water from our fountain of Blue Tunnel Project Development Group has been a major contribution in making our investment agenda to be removed from the dusty shelves. Kayacık Logistics Center, which was opened by our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was first brought to the agenda of the country by the MUSIAD Konya Development Group, numerous meetings were held to raise awareness on the issue, reports were prepared and finally our city was included in the investment program. I wish the facility, which will make a great contribution to the export of our city and region, to be beneficial ”. President Okka said, “Mr. Lütfi Şimşek, who was the president of our Development Group, who was the pioneer of the Logistics Center issue at that time and followed the project as our 6th term MÜSİAD Konya President, and continued his support from the project during their term of office, on this occasion, I express my gratitude. As MUSIAD Konya, we continue to produce projects that will add value to the economy of our city ”and concluded his words.


Kayacık Logistics Center, a candidate to increase its share in Turkey's international transportation corridor attracts attention as an important transfer point. In the center, which has an annual transportation capacity of 1,7 million tons and provides a logistics area of ​​1 million square meters, a container stock area in a concrete area of ​​450 thousand square meters, truck parking area, customs area, fuel transfer station, loading and unloading areas, 30 kilometers long railway connection , maintenance workshops, warehouses, service and social facilities. Among the logistics centers, for the first time, Kayacık Logistics Center includes a fuel filling, unloading and storage facility whose infrastructure was completed on an area of ​​50 thousand square meters. The logistic center of Konya, which will support agricultural, commercial and industrial activities, is located at the crossroads of the highway connections that extend in the direction of our country's East-West and North-South axis; With its high-speed rail connection, it will provide access to Mersin port in a very short time.

Source: Sümeyra Kenesarı / Yeni Haber Newspaper

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