Erzurum's Land of Red Fairies to Become a Geopark

Erzurum's Land of Red Fairies to Become a Geopark
Erzurum's Land of Red Fairies to Become a Geopark

UNESCO Turkey National Commission on World of Erzurum were taken into temporary Heritage List Narman fairy chimneys in the district, Erzurum Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality and Narman municipality is prepared to accommodate up to 300 thousand tourists with a common project, 500 per year.

There are 300 different canyons in the area of ​​Narman Fairy Chimneys, which is known as the "land of the red fairies" among the people, and whose formation dates back 12 million years and is similar to the Grand Canyon in the Colorado Valley of America.

Narman fairy chimneys, also known as the 'Cappadocia of the East' among the people, consisting of 62 separate valleys with a length of 12 kilometers in the Narman district of Erzurum, have been declared a natural protected area. After the registration of the fairy chimneys, Erzurum Governor Okay Memiş took action, kazanstarted work on it.

The Governor Memiş, who walked down the 100-kilometer valley to the fairy chimneys, which is 7 kilometers from Erzurum and 3 kilometers from the district center, on a footpath, told the press members about their projects and the works they will do. Providing information during the march organized with Narman Mayor Burhanettin Eser, Governor Memiş stated that there are 12 separate valleys in the region.

Governor Memiş said, “There are fairy chimneys in Cappadocia in our country. A unique place in the world. Narman fairy chimneys are also considered to be a geologically unique place. There is no precedent in the world. The difference from Cappadocia is that the mineral structure here is a little different from the geological structure here. It is considered to be the 'Land of the Red Fairies'. It is indeed a very special location. "We are working on the design of this place as a geopark," he said.

Stating that there was no facility in fairy chimneys, which is an important touristic place for Erzurum, Memiş said, “We built a two-storey facility right next to the road. In order to reach our location, we have to pass a road of approximately 3,5 kilometers. We designed this road. I hope we will raise the standards even more. When our work is complete, tour buses will come here and we will host thousands of people here. People will come and see this panoramic view. Our guests will rest in the nature-friendly facility we will build here, then they will be able to walk down the valley from here. There is a walking track of about 1 hour in this area. We currently only see one part of it. There are 12 different valleys like this and it is a very large area. Narman Fairy Chimneys with a total area of ​​17 million square meters. We really did a good job here. In addition, there will be activities such as horse safari, ATV safari, cycling. If necessary, we think in the balloon. Hopefully, after overcoming this pandemic, we are waiting for all the people living in Erzurum, then all of our country and living abroad to this region. "We now have facilities to host thousands of guests here," he said.

Governor Okay Memiş, who visited Tortum Waterfall, one of the world's leading waterfalls with a width of 21 meters and a height of 48 meters, which was illuminated with the work carried out after the Narman Fairy Chimneys and opened to visitors at night, said that they were working despite the pandemic.

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