DARPA Will Work With Gibbs & Cox On The Sea Train Concept

DARPA Will Work With Gibbs & Cox On The Sea Train Concept
DARPA Will Work With Gibbs & Cox On The Sea Train Concept

Gibbs & Cox Inc., Advanced Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA), announced that it has awarded the company a multi-stage contract to develop and deliver the connectorless sea train concept.

DARPA awarded the Gibbs & Cox company a separate $ 9.5 million contract to develop the connectorless sea train concept. The winning design proposal, which Gibbs & Cox calls the Articulated Minimized Resilient Autonomous Distribution Entity (ARMADA), will be based on robotic controls, autonomy and hydrodynamic optimization to achieve convoy capability.

Gibbs & Cox wants to leverage its capabilities to integrate advances in integrated system design, robotic controls, autonomy, and hydrodynamic optimization. This new technical approach, introduced by Gibbs & Cox as ARMADA, aims to reshape maritime capabilities by allowing long-range deployment of medium-sized autonomous ships without the need for marine refueling.

DARP's selection of Gibbs & Cox for its sea train program, coupled with other gains, demonstrates the company's rapid expansion in the unmanned surface vehicle industry. These gains enable the company in this emerging market to take a proven and leadership role in the maritime industry's latest design challenges.

Gibbs & Cox is the United States' largest independent, private naval architecture and marine engineering firm. Since its establishment in 1929, G&C has built 24 class military and approximately 7.000 civilian ships.

Source: defenceturk

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