Buyer and Seller are Satisfied with the Second Hand Vehicle Arrangement

Buyer and Seller are Satisfied with the Second Hand Vehicle Arrangement
Buyer and Seller are Satisfied with the Second Hand Vehicle Arrangement

📩 07/10/2020 13:55

The expertise regulation on second hand automobile trade published in the Official Gazette on August 15 made both the buyer and the seller happy.

With the regulation, many problems and grievances in the sector have come to an end in the one month period left behind. The warranty coverage applied in malfunctions and damages, the secure money transfer system, the authorization certificate requirement brought to the companies made the citizens who trade second hand vehicles satisfied.

With the new regulation, the density of "auto expertise" companies, which is an important link in vehicle trade, is increasing day by day. Reports from institutional and independent expertise firms give confidence to the consumer and help eliminate the question marks of the buyer about the vehicle.

Expertise Centers Gain More Importance in the New Era

Making a statement on the subject, TÜV SÜD D-Expert Deputy General Manager Ayözger said, “The second-hand automobile trade covers a large part of the sector in terms of both numerical and functional issues. In the new period that started with the necessity of expertise in the second-hand automobile trade, the expertise centers gained even more importance. ''

Record Increases in Appraisal Numbers

Drawing attention to the increasing expertise figures with the regulation, Ayözger said, “The second-hand vehicle sales, which continued their normal course in the January-March period, remained very low in the April-May period, due to the pandemic that marked the automotive sector in the first half of 2020. With the normalization process, records were broken in June and July. With the new regulation that entered into force in August, while the movement in the sector continued, the appraisal transactions performed also showed a parallel course. A significant portion of the 8 expertise transactions we carried out in the first 43.000 months was realized during the normalization process, when used vehicle sales peaked. We think we will have touched 65.000 vehicles by the end of the year.

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