A concrete road was built to Çambaşı Plateau, the Heart of Ordu Tourism

Alternative Way to Çambaşı Plateau, the Heart of Tourism
Alternative Way to Çambaşı Plateau, the Heart of Tourism

📩 29/11/2021 22:21

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler prepares the city for the future with the studies he started in the field of tourism. President Güler, who continued to work to bring highland tourism to the forefront, ensured the merger of Çambaşı Plateau of Kabadüz district and Topçam District of Mesudiye district with a newly built alternative road.

The 24-kilometer route, which will provide direct access to Çambaşı Plateau via the Black Sea Mediterranean Road, meets with a roller compacted concrete road. When the works are completed, an alternative route will be provided to the road between Altınordu Çambaşı, which is still accessible with steep ramps and dangerous bends.


Ordu Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Coşkun Alp examined the compressed concrete road works between Çambaşı Plateau and Topçam District on site. President Dr. Stating that half of the road that the two districts had been waiting for years was completed with the instruction of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, Secretary General Alp said, “We are implementing a roller compacted concrete road application here. The feature of this road is that it is a route through which machines can easily pass 2 hours after it is put into service. Previously, he applied the same example in our district of Altınordu, with the new bus station on the right side of the Civil River. We had a successful result, ”he said.

It will serve the plateau tourism

Stressing that the roller compacted concrete road is a long-lasting application, Secretary General Alp said, “We are very satisfied with the results we have obtained so far. We get a very efficient service. It does not require maintenance and repair. It is put into service very quickly. 6.5 meters wide road was built in a high standard structure. As one end is connected to the Black Sea-Mediterranean Road via Topçam, it will be an alternative way to reach Çambaşı, ”he said.

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