Malatya being watched from 74 crossroads

Malatya being watched from 74 crossroads
Malatya being watched from 74 crossroads

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Control Center plays an important role in the healthy flow of Malatya traffic. The Metropolitan Municipality, which manages the 74 signalized intersections in the city center from a single center on a 7/24 basis, provides both ease of traffic flow and efficient navigation of vehicles in traffic with rational applications.

Muhammet Turan, Head of Intelligent Transportation Systems Unit of the Transportation Planning Branch of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Department, noted that they controlled 74 signalized intersections at the Metropolitan Traffic Control Center. Explaining that their aim is to minimize waiting times by ensuring the safety of life and property in traffic, Turan said, “We work together with our friends at the Traffic Control Center on a 7/24 basis to get our people to where they want to reach as soon as possible. We have 74 signalized intersections. 42 of them work with intelligent dynamic intersections, 14 with fixed time, 10 with pedestrian buttons, 2 with fixed flash, 6 with green wave system ”.

14 percent gain

Giving information about smart dynamic intersections, Turan said: “We define minimum and maximum times for the signaling devices in the Dynamic Intersection Control System. The counting of the vehicles in traffic is detected by cameras and automatically transferred to the system. As soon as the system sees the density of the vehicle, it can increase or decrease the waiting time within the measures we have defined. In addition, according to the excessive intensity in the traffic flow, we can also intervene in the signalization instantly. By defining more transition time to the busy side instantly, we can clear the road. It is controlled remotely. Since there is no need to go to its place, it saves staff and time. We can intervene both in our traffic control center and on a mobile phone. Thus, the waiting times of the vehicles in traffic decrease, resulting in an environmentally friendly approach with fuel savings and less carbon emission. In this sense, a 14 percent gain is achieved.

Turan stated that the teams within the Traffic Control Center also intervened in malfunctions and reactivated the signaling system quickly in possible situations. In addition, Turan, among the works they carried out within the center; He explained that they prepared a pre-simulated project for the intersection where the signalization system will be installed and that they established the system accordingly.

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