Functional Stops Got Full Marks from Ordulular

Functional Stops Got Full Marks from Ordulular
Functional Stops Got Full Marks from Ordulular

The new generation stops, designed by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in order to raise awareness in the regions where the schools are located and to ensure the integrity of the schools with their surroundings, took their place in front of Ordu High School.

Solar powered stalls aroused interest in a short time. Citizens wanted the stops to be located in front of other schools in Ordu.


The two-stop model, which was determined in line with the public's demand, was first placed in front of Ordu High School. The assembled stops aroused interest. Citizens said, “It has been a good work related to education, suitable for the concept of school. It would be nice to have similar work across every school. It also looks like we were in a classroom. It has been a study that appeals to both the small and high school group. We thank the Metropolitan Municipality ”.


The stops, which are aimed to have 'smart', 'sensitive' and 'sustainable' facts, will not only give the city a new identity, but also strengthen the sense of belonging of the users. The most important feature of the stops, which are made of metal and glass-reinforced plastic in the dimensions of 4m x 2m x 2.4m, is functional. The information screen, wall shelf, map, audio narration button for the disabled and the stops with embossed writing integrated will work with solar energy.

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