Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Compete in Gaziantep Skies

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Compete in Gaziantep Skies
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Compete in Gaziantep Skies

While the countdown continues for TEKNOFEST, the world's largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, which was held for the third time this year and broke visitor records in 2019, the UAV Competition organized by TÜBİTAK for unmanned aerial vehicles that will change our future continues in Gaziantep Alleben Pond.

Increasing youth awareness and technical experience on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) kazanThe competition, which was organized in order to ensure their

In the competition held in Gaziantep Alleben Pond, young talents are preparing for the technologies of the future with the unmanned aerial vehicles they have developed. Gaziantep Governor Mr. Davut Gül, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology & Teknofest Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mr. Fatma Sahin, Turkey Technology Team Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman & Teknofest Mr. Chairman. Selcuk Bayraktar, Turkey Technology Team Foundation Mr. Chairman. Haluk Bayraktar and TÜBİTAK Vice President Mr. Ahmet Yozgatlıgil visited all the teams prepared for the race and shared the excitement of our youth in the unmanned aerial vehicle competition.

The UAV Competition, held within the scope of TEKNOFEST 2020 Gaziantep, increased awareness about UAVs and provided participants with technical and social experience. kazanThe International and High School Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Competition is held in the rotary wing and fixed wing categories. Among the 291 teams that applied to the High School UAV Competition, 79 were found successful and qualified to participate in the competitions in the high school category. kazanwas. Associate degree, undergraduate and graduate students participated in the International UAV Competition, which attracted great interest from university students. A total of 12 teams, 324 from abroad and 336 from Turkey, applied to the competition held in the fixed wing and rotary wing categories. 115 teams that are successful in the international category are entitled to participate in the competitions. kazanwas.

awareness creation in technology and science, society as a whole, Turkey aims to increase its trained human resources in science and engineering fields TEKNOFEST, is organizing 21 different categories of technology competition to support the work of the youth's future technologies. Despite the pandemic in technology competitions, this year, a total of 20.197 teams broke a new record by making applications.

#milliteknolojihamle set out with the slogan and Turkey aims to turn into a society that produces the technology TEKNOFEST, Turkey Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology Ministry in the executive; Turkey's leading technology companies, public institutions, media organizations and Gaziantep Middle East in support of the university with date 24 to 27 September 2020 will be held behind closed doors to visitors at the Exhibition Center. You can follow TEKNOFEST 2020 live on social media accounts.


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