Kirpi II Armored Vehicle Deliveries to the Turkish Armed Forces Continue

Kirpi II Armored Vehicle Deliveries to the Turkish Armed Forces Continue
Kirpi II Armored Vehicle Deliveries to the Turkish Armed Forces Continue

📩 22/09/2020 12:42

Deliveries of Kirpi II TTZAs developed by BMC to TSK continue

In the statement made by the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries on its social media account Twitter, it was stated that the deliveries of Kirpi II continue. In the statement made,

"HEDGEHOG-II Mine Protected Vehicles continue to be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces.

  • High Protection Against Mines and Ballistic Threats
  • Diverse Mission Equipment Integrated System
  • Carrying Capacity Up To 13 Equipped Personnel
  • "High Maneuverability" expressions were given.

Tactical Wheeled Vehicles-2 (TTA-2) Project Within the scope of the project, it has the Inside Commanded Weapon System feature in order to fight against terrorism effectively, to transport personnel safely and quickly, to provide effective and continuous combat and combat service support to maneuvering elements. 230+ pieces of BMC Hedgehog II delivery is completed. For the Land Forces Command within the scope of TTA-2 Project 329 and for the Gendarmerie General Command 200 one vehicle is planned to be supplied.

Kirpi II Troop Tracking System for TTZAs (BTS-2)

Within the scope of the contract signed between ASELSAN and BMC, the BTS-2 integration was carried out to the Kirpi II TTZAs in the TAF inventory. With the additional Union Tracking System supply contract signed, the Kirpi II TTZAs will be integrated with BTS-2.

The Troop Tracking System (BTS-2) is a friendly unit tracking system that periodically transfers the location information of the vehicles to which it is integrated, to the operation center through the communication infrastructures of the vehicle.


Hedgehog II TTZA

The new version of Kirpi, which has become a legend with its superior protection level in the mine-protected vehicle class, has an independent suspension system. Developed in addition to its high protection features, Kirpi 4 × 4 continues to be the pioneer of its class in both road holding and passenger comfort.

Independent Suspension 4 × 4 Hedgehog, monocoque type armored cabin and special armored glasses, shock absorbing seats, weapon station and emergency exit cover features; It stands out with its specially integrated mission-oriented hardware (CBRN protection system, firing target detection system, automatic fire extinguishing system, intercom system, mixing blunt system, etc.) and a specially designed explosive reconnaissance and destruction robot arm version. .


Source: defenceturk

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