Attention To These In Taxi And Public Transport To Prevent The Coronavirus Outbreak!

Attention To These In Taxi And Public Transport To Prevent The Coronavirus Outbreak!
Attention To These In Taxi And Public Transport To Prevent The Coronavirus Outbreak!

Measures to be followed in the use of taxis and public transport have been increased in order to protect against coronavirus and prevent the epidemic.

The measures to be taken by taxi customers and citizens using public transportation during the pandemic process on the COVID-19 information page of the Ministry of Health and the prominent measures in line with the warnings of scientists are as follows:

Points to Consider in Taxi

  • If the taxi is called by phone, a POS device should be required; payment must be made by credit card or contactless.
  • No more than three people should take a taxi. In case of single person boarding, the driver should be seated at the furthest distance from the driver.
  • A mask should definitely be worn and should not be removed during the journey. Make sure that the driver is wearing a mask.
  • No surface in the vehicle should be touched. If touched, hands should be wiped with an antiseptic.
  • Publications such as newspapers and magazines should not be touched in the vehicle.
  • When taking the taxi, the name of the driver and the taxi plate should be noted. If the COVID-19 test is positive, contact screening should be facilitated.
  • Food and beverage consumption should be avoided.

Things to Consider in Other Public Transport Vehicles

  • Passengers should not insist on getting on the vehicle, as standing passengers are not allowed in public transportation vehicles such as minibuses, midibuses and buses.
  • In rail system vehicles such as subways, customers should act within the specified rules; He should not put pressure on other passengers and drivers in this regard.
  • You should definitely ride and sit with a mask; Those who do not wear a mask should be warned.
  • Talking on the phone or face to face in the vehicle should be avoided.
  • You should wait at a distance at the stops, and care should be taken to maintain the distance while getting on and off the vehicle.
  • In case of symptoms such as cough and muscle pain, public transportation vehicles and taxis should not be used.
  • Food and beverage consumption in vehicles should be avoided.
  • You should not insist on opening the air conditioner in the vehicle, the windows should stay open as much as possible.
  • A mask should be worn while descending and hands should be cleaned with cologne or antiseptic.
  • Contact with places such as glass and seat edge should be avoided.
  • The seats should be sitting diagonally, not facing face to face. One should stand in a way that social distance is maintained.

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