Housing Campaign for People Living in Risky Buildings

Housing Campaign for People Living in Risky Buildings
Housing Campaign for People Living in Risky Buildings

KİPTAŞ sells 100 flats in Pendik Yeşilce Aydos project for those who live in risky buildings and areas. Applications for the campaign, where appropriate payment options will be offered, begin on September 30.

KİPTAŞ, an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, goes into a housing campaign in order to raise the awareness of building safety to a higher level. Within the scope of the campaign, KİPTAŞ will offer 10 apartments for sale in the Pendik Yeşilce Aydos project, consisting of 331 blocks and 100 houses. The flats within the scope of the campaign will be on sale primarily for those who have risky building reports in Istanbul or those who live in risky areas.


Giving information about the campaign, KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt said, “We think that a 'limited resource maximum efficiency' based transformation model should be developed to increase the use of durable buildings in Istanbul. It is arguably the fastest solution to match the risky building owners with the existing building stock under the coordination of the public authority, within the framework of urbanization targets resistant to the fragility caused by disaster risks. In order to create awareness within the scope of this model, we offer our stock flats for sale to property owners who live in a risky building or in a risky area. In February 2020, we made a similar campaign for 272 residences. "We will continue to take these steps for efficient use of the existing building stock."


KİPTAŞ gave importance to providing suitable payment conditions in the campaign so that those living in risky buildings and areas can move to safe houses in a short time. As part of the campaign, the apartments will go on sale at prices starting from 347 thousand liras in cash. In addition, those who wish can own one of these houses with the appropriate maturity options offered by the banks.


Information about the campaign is available on the website of KİPTAŞ (kiptas.istanbul) as well as on social media accounts. In addition, it is possible to get detailed information by applying to KİPTAŞ General Directorate in Merkezefendi between 24-30 September.

Istanbulites who want to participate in the campaign will be able to apply between 30 September and 14 October. People who are over the age of 18 and have the habit of paying will be able to benefit from the campaign, who have a risky building report or have no home other than their home in the risky area.

KİPTAŞ will share this data with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization by adding the commitment that it will not benefit from the risky structure or the house in the risky area by itself or anyone else through rent to the contract it will make with the people who buy houses from the campaign.

The revenue from the sales campaign will be used to fund social housing and urban transformation projects.



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