TURKSTAT: Women Received A Third Of The Houses Sold

women took one third of the houses sold
women took one third of the houses sold

In Turkey in the year 2019 1 348 729 housing sales results has changed hands. While 57,5% of the houses sold were bought by men, 31,2% by women, 1,8% by men and women, 9,5% by other partnerships. While men preferred mortgaged purchases at the rate of 30,7% in housing purchases, this rate was 20,8% for females.

When our three major cities are analyzed, 2019% of men, 53,1% of women, 27,9% of men in Ankara, 57,2% of women in İzmir, whereas 31,9% were purchased by men and 54,1% by women.

Provinces with the highest number of dwellings jointly by men and women; Afyonkarahisar (4%), Yalova (3,8%), Kırşehir (3,5%), Bartın (3,5%), Niğde (3,4%), Karaman (2,8%) and Nevşehir (2,6%) XNUMX).

Women got more housing in western provinces

According to the housing sales in 2019, the rate of women's housing in our country was higher in the western provinces. Balıkesir (40,3%), Çanakkale (38,5%), Burdur (37,6%), Edirne (37,3%), Muğla (36,6%), Denizli (36%), Kırklareli (35,7%) , 35,5), Aydın (35,2%) and İzmir (36,6%) were among the provinces that have the highest share in women's housing. In addition, Tunceli (36,4%), Giresun (36,3%) and Kilis (XNUMX%) provinces were among the provinces with high housing ownership rates for women.

In housing ownership, men are ahead in eastern provinces

Looking at the 2019 data on house sales, men bought more houses in our eastern provinces than women. Provinces with the highest share of men in housing purchase are; Ağrı (79,7%), Muş (77,1%), Siirt (76,9%), Bitlis (75,6%), Şırnak (75,5%) and Bayburt (75,2%).

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