Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal Drainage System Renewed

Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal Drainage System Renewed
Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal Drainage System Renewed

TransportationPark A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, has made both citizens and terminal shopkeepers smile with the innovations they have made since the day it took over the Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal. Finally, the Metropolitan Municipality, who wants to prevent floods in the terminal during heavy rains, started to detect faulty and damaged - broken pipes that appear in the drainages (rain pipes) and started the replacement works.

After the heavy rainfall in 2019, the TransportationPark Terminal Directorate started to work to prevent floods at the terminal and rolled up its sleeves for the passengers to travel comfortably. Having carried out a meeting with the technical team to detect failures in the rain systems, TransportationPark decided to replace problematic gutters immediately. In the 1 week-long operations, only the pipes in the area where the platforms were located were broken and the damaged pipes were removed. The damaged pipes were then replaced with new ones. Finally, the pipes were covered as before and painted on the color of the platforms.

Intervention to all platforms
TransportationPark, which wants to minimize the problems experienced during the evacuation phase of drainage systems in rainy weather, carried out the renewal of the rain pipes in the areas where urgent intervention is required. TransportationPark, which tries to do better every day for a comfortable, clean and accessible terminal, continues to make the faces of passengers and shopkeepers laugh.



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