EU Standard Training for Drivers in Elazig

elazigda soforlar eu standards education
elazigda soforlar eu standards education

EBUAS 120 started to provide training to the driver in EU standards. In the first series, communication, skills, anger control and satisfaction were discussed in 6 hour training.

Academician Atakan Yıldız, the founder and trainer of the personal development world, and Erdem Karagöz, the author of the book İk Turkish Work Persuasion Etkili, were the first trainers.

New techniques and practices in the areas of citizens' happiness, empathy, communication skills and anger control were discussed. Especially the empathy of disabled people, mothers with children and tourists were followed with interest by the drivers.

At the end of the trainings, the drivers who were successful in the award competitions were given books and various prizes.

EBUAŞ General Manager Hayrettin Can stated that the trainings will continue throughout the year for the quality of life of all personnel and the happiness of the people of Elazığ.

Mayor Sahin Serifogullari, the best investment is invested in people and Elazig Municipality announced that they will do continuous adult education.

Drivers participating in the training; “From now on we will control our emotions, the important thing is the happiness of the citizens who come to our vehicles. In particular, we learned about the issues we receive complaints, after that we will be much more responsible for making everyone in our city happy and reducing waste. Konu

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