Ankarakart's 2020 Year Fees Determined

ankarakartin year fees determined
ankarakartin year fees determined

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has determined the visa fees of Ankarakart, which are used free or discounted on public transportation, for the year 2020

With the decision taken unanimously at the August meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, which was chaired by Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavaş, the new tariffs for the free and discounted 'Ankarakarts' used by the elderly and public employees living in Ankara were announced for a year from January 1.

Citizens aged between 61-65, TURKSTAT, PTT and Public Card and Teacher Pass, who will use EGO Buses, Metro, Ankaray and Teleferik, will pay the visa fees between 1 January 2020-31 December 2020:

Elderly Free Card (61-65 Age): 120 lira
TurkStat Card: 85 lira
PTT Card: 85 lira
PUBLIC CARD: 85 lira
Teacher Pass: 70 lira


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