Tender of the Kartepe Cable Car Project will be held in September 28

Kartepe's 50 annual dream Ropeway Project is coming to life. Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez H All necessary permits were obtained from the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs. 28 is going to tender on September inde said

50 Kartepe'da imagined, spoken, but not taken any concrete steps, the Teleferik Project 28 has been auctioned in September. As soon as the task of Kartepe people who adorn the dreams of the Teleferik Project that attaches great importance to the Mayor of Kartepe Huseyin Uzulmez, paid for his efforts. March 2014 local elections after the end of the studies put forward that the Mayor Uzulmez, "50 annual dream is happening," the assessment found.


Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez said: Üz 50 is giving us the opportunity to realize the dream of the year. In the last 3,5 year we have put forward a very determined struggle. Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs approved. All the legal procedures related to the project are complete, nothing is missing. We will do the 28 tender in September. The ropeway project is a very profitable sector. 100 is a million-dollar project. The company that will take over the project will receive the right to operate for 29 years. We will give the tender to the most appropriate tenderer. The vision of Kartepe district will change. Our district will win. For this, from the first day of our persistent and determined initiatives with our Deputy Prime Minister Fikri Isik and Number Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu'nun with the support of this stage have come to this stage. May my Lord best give after this. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the project and their support. Proj


The tender of the Teleferic Project by the Municipality of Kartepe Municipality Real Estate and Expropriation will be held in 11.00 before the Council. The specifications and annexes may be purchased from the Kartepe Municipality Real Estate and Expropriation Directorate located in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mahallesi Dicle Caddesi No: 12 Kartepe / KOCAELİ during the working hours. The amount of the temporary collateral was determined as 2.500 TL.


The Teleferic Project will consist of 4960 meters long, two-way three-rope and 90 cabinets from Hikmetiye-Derbent to Kuzu Yayla Recreation Area. The cabins 10 will make passenger transport at m / s speed. Touristic facilities will be established in the area where the Teleferik Project will take place. All necessary permits are obtained from the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, while the operation rights of the Cable Car Project will be awarded to the 29 yearbook.

Click here for the tender document of Kartepe Cable Car Project