Transportation Fleet Expands in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, 30 has added a small bus called Poyraz to its transportation fleet. Metropolitan, expanded transportation network, gave support with new buses.

Due to the introduction of the 30 small bus included in the transportation fleet, a ribbon cutting ceremony was organized at the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, Rail Systems Warehouse.


Mayor Fatma Şahin stated that they gave importance to diversity in the vehicle fleet within the scope of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. B The biggest feature of the buses named 'Poyraz' is that they are small. These buses are much faster in terms of transportation, better use of roads and increase passenger capacity. Transportation is our biggest investment move. We will increase the transportation capacity by increasing the transportation fleet. 2 is the city of millions, 500 has a thousand Syrian refugees. In total, we invest a lot in transportation in order to maintain the quality of life in the city of 2,5 million and to increase citizen satisfaction. On the one hand, short-term investments, on the one hand the city's 2040 investments, on the one hand GAZİRAY, on the one hand I understand a lot of metro. In addition to these, we care very much both the numerical and the diversity of our vehicle fleet. These buses are in need of us. This diversity in our fleet strengthens our transportation network in order to be able to move faster in narrow roads in our city and to create a more efficient transportation network. Transportation-related investments will be done quickly, Ulaşım he said.

President Şahin, 62 bus at the end of the year will be taken with a 50 grant, saying the work has come to the tender stage.


Otokar Domestic Market Commercial Vehicles Sales Director Murat Tokatlı is delivering the small bus named lı Poyraz AŞ to (Gaziantep Transport Inc. (GAZİULAŞ) AŞ. These buses have 30 passenger carrying capacity. These buses, designed for long and passenger transportation, were launched this year. These buses, which are built for low cost of operation with low operating costs and expenses, will carry passengers comfortably and smoothly. Düşük

After the speeches, the Mayor Fatma Şahin, the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Sezer Cihan and Otokar Domestic Market Commercial Vehicles Sales Director Murat Tokatlı put the ribbons at service due to the commissioning of the buses.



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