Head of Transport Officer-Sen Cankesen Requested Railway to Kastamonu

📩 16/12/2018 17:20

Transport Officer-Sen President Cankesen Requested Railway to Kastamonu: Transport Officer-Sen President Can Cankesen called for a railway to be built in Kastamonu.

Kenan Caliskan, Deputy Chairman of the General Directorate of Transport Officer-Sen Kenan Caliskan paid a visit to Kastamonu Municipality, the Governorship and the Presidency of Officer-Sen Province.

Transportation Officer-Sen Samsun Branch President Remzi Arat, Kastamonu Provincial Representative Metin Tiraki and branch management attended to the meetings with the participation of General Director Cankesen DHMİ General Directorate held meetings.

Cankesen made important statements to the press at the meeting held by the Kastamonu Memur-Sen Provincial Directorate. In his speech, the President said, "Stating that Kastamonu Airport serves 108 thousand passengers," When we look at our provinces, we have become indispensable for our provinces, these are very important. One wishes to have a nice railway and a station in Kastamonu. YHT come here too. In the past, folk songs were sung, while there was a song saying "the black train will be delayed, maybe it will never come", but now YHT is not delayed at all. The high-speed train reaches everywhere. With the permission of Allah, these transportation facilities should be in Kastamonu. We want them wholeheartedly, ”he said.

Cankesen pointed out that in order to look at the development of a country, first of all transportation modes should be looked at, “We are actually a symbol of the development of this country, together with our 11 service branches. In this sense, when you look at the last years, we have come a long way in transportation. With Marmaray, high-speed trains, new airports, even if the third airport is awarded, it will be opened in a short time like 3-1 years. These together with the construction, let alone peace in Turkey, do not miss our world stood my peace of mind. Gezi events broke out. Look what kind of disgrace, the airport is about to end every moment, there is no harm, no harm to anyone. At that time, when we call it swamp, we build an airport like a lion even on a bad ground, and we manufacture an airport that is at peace with green and nature. Therefore, when we look at the development of both our roads, airlines, railways and sea routes, it shows the development of the country in the last 1,5 years and 15 years. Kastamonu is one of such beautiful provinces. We love Kastamonu, ”he said.

Stating that their main reason for coming to Kastamonu is to consult, Cankesen said, “What did we do in our service branch? What couldn't we do? In the upcoming period, collective agreements for 2017 will begin. What happened with them? What won't happen? We came here to have a consultation and get information from the grassroots. Our friend, our brother said a good word. "There were 213 achievements," he said. 213 of the 210 achievements were implemented. Our 211st achievement was the transfer of annual leaves. It was an event that involved 100 thousand people. Praise be to Allah, we have provided him as well. Although our competitors hang posters and brochures around to avoid any ugly and ugly fiasco, we realize them one by one, by Allah's leave. We have one aviation compensation left behind. The companies that fly from the top, do not land in our country, but use our country's airspace, have a money per mile for this unit, which we call a Euro Control Unit established in Europe. These coins are accumulating in the pool. These money came as much as 54 million Euros due to our overwork and high traffic last year. We could not distribute 54 million Euros to our employees. We sent it back to Euro Kontrol again saying "Take this money, we couldn't eat it, you eat it". It is an official betrayal not to distribute this money, not to direct this money to investments in addition to our friends here, and not to make investments related to aviation here. Whoever signed this betrayal, the bureaucrat, the politician, whoever, the person, the institution, is guilty. this money should not go. A group serving 15 million traffic should not receive 25 Euros. On the other hand, even Moldova, which has a traffic of 100 thousand and a traffic employee of 100 thousand, is getting double and triple money. There is an injustice here. When Lafa arrives, the state bureaucrats say unlimitedly, considering the wages received by the State Airports Authority, they talk about breaking the balance between institutions. However, if we return this money from abroad, it is a national wealth, a national income. This money is a reason for the revival of Kastamonu economy and to become more lively ”.

Mayor Can Cankesen and his entourage attended the wedding of daughter of the Kastamonu Province Representative Metin's wedding after the meetings and visits.

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