2.4 Mileage metro line to be held for Financial Center

📩 29/11/2018 20:25

2.4 Mileage metro line will be built for the Financial Center: IMM took the metro line to the financial center. The 2.4 kilometer metro line will be built for the Istanbul Financial Center.

A critical step was taken to make Istanbul a financial center. Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) is moving to Istanbul. Isbank's tenant in the capital of the BRSA, Istanbul, also comes out of the annex building. In Mecidiyeköy a building close to the Savings Deposits and Insurance Fund (SDIF) will combine both units. The lease protocol is made at the former General Directorate of Denizbank on Büyükdere Street in Gayrettepe. No last minute change will be signed this week learned that the contract. BRSA's move is scheduled to be completed by February 2016. Thus, the transition to the new financial center in Ataşehir will be easy. BRSA's About 600 employee will now be in the new building in Istanbul.

In Ankara, there will be only a representative office where 5-6 will work. The BRSA, which pays millions of liras of rent to İşbank every year, will have to pay less rent when combining both units in one building. The necessary approval was received from the Prime Ministry. Chairman of the BRSA Mehmet Ali Akben'ın said the subject is transferred to employees. Sources close to the BRSA draws attention to the work done for Turkey to become one of the world's largest international financial center. Vakıfbank, previously headquartered in Ankara, was relocated. He moved several units to Istanbul with Halkbank and Ziraat Bank.

The work of the project that will make Istanbul an international financial center continues at full speed. The excavation works are completed and the area is being excavated for the construction of the common area such as school, health center, park and mosque. After the social reinforcement, the construction of the premises of the institutions will begin. Service buildings will be made by different companies. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization coordinates the whole process with the Bank of Provinces.

The 2.4 kilometer metro line will be built for the Istanbul Financial Center (IFC). Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took the metro line to the financial center. The financial center is expected to be completed in 2017 or 2018. It is stated that Ziraat Bank will have the most floor in the international financial center. The headquarters of Ziraat Bank consists of two towers with 46 and 40 floors, while the BRSA owns a total of 28 floors consisting of two 17 floors as well as two 62 floors. The highest building will be the 55 floor with the Central Bank.


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