3 high-rise metro and Bosphorus crossing project approved

3-storey subway and Bosphorus crossing project: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved by majority of votes that the route of the project is included in plans with a scale of 1/5000. In the assembly meeting, there was a debate between the AK Party members and CHP members who stated that the project was not sufficiently examined. The project, which will be completed in 5 years, will pass through 12 districts.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced by the X 3 High-rise Istanbul Metro and Highway Bosphorus Crossing Project Boğaz to the 1 / 5000 scale of the route to be approved by the majority of votes. The third meeting of the March meeting of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was held at the campus in Saraçhane.

During the meeting, a report including the processing of the route of the içeren 3 Decked Istanbul Metro and Highway Bosphorus Crossing Project Metro was discussed. Ak Party group vice president Abubekir Taşyürek, the important project for the country and the country for months on the serious work has been told.


The project, which is designed as a 31,5 kilometer rail between Sogutlucesme and Incirli, indicates that the 16,5 kilometer will be the 3 high-rise tunnel. Taşyürek stated that 6,5 will be realized with build-operate-transfer model of the planned investment to be worth $ 1 billion. The project would consolidate emphasizing Turkey's respected position in the world Taşyürek, the investments made in Istanbul for Turkey and the world is very important and he said he was being followed.

Taşyürek stated that the most suitable one for the project is 6 and the following information was given:

In The cost of the project, which had no legal problems, was also very well done. In the project to be constructed as build-operate-transfer, a dime will not be spent on our state's coffers and no additional burden will be imposed on our citizens. The project, which will be integrated with Metro and Marmaray, will mitigate the traffic burden of TEM and offer serious comfort to Istanbul's transportation problem. The project is environmentally friendly and will save money on fuel consumption. There will be no expropriation. Image and silhouette will not create pollution. Currently, the main arteries are a project that will connect the lines. Şu


The project caused controversy in the IMM Parliament. CHP group vice president Ertugrul Gulsever, the plan did not appeal, but the plan is not adequately discussed, stating that the proposal to be returned to the commission asked for reinstatement. Gülsever said, ini As CHP, if you pull this back, we will discuss, discuss, and determine what we should do with academic circles. make accurate cost calculations, middle interests plan will cost less than if we would have asked you betray to Turkey.

Gülsever who reacted to the objections of the AK Party members said,, If you say 'We don't want to discuss them, we don't want to ask anybody, they are given such instructions'


The AK Party group vice president Abubekir Taşyürek, who came to the podium to respond to the CHP, said that the 31,5 kilometer of the project, which was designed as an 16,5 kilometer rail between Söğütlüçeşme and İncirli, was designed as an 3 tunnel. Taşyürek stated that the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Transport and IMM have been conducting a serious project for months. She said she woke up yesterday and didn't do this project today.

Reminding that the project will be processed in 15.000 scale plans which are accepted as smaller scale plan after 11.000 plans, Taşyürek said that members of the CHP could make the necessary contribution in this process. Taşyürek, “The process is not finished. He said we're not at the point where we know what we do.

In the meantime, Tashyürek, CHP Gulsever'in the words "No instruction from nowhere on the response to the tension in the Parliament has responded.


CHP member of the Council Hakim AK Party members, which institutions received opinions, what are the other routes, why the views of other institutions did not give the questions. Sağlam, olarak In our opinion, this project came as an order in the box. We need to open this box. He said, what else?


CHP member of the Development Commission Esin Hacıalioğlu said that the project came yesterday, ors After examining the project, 'Why this project did not come before us', you see very comfortable in Because the basis of this project is the opening of the northern forests. Yes, there is a metro line, but the continuation of the project is the work of opening the north. He said hastily and brought hastily.


The Istanbul Tunnel Project, which is announced to be completed in 5 years, is located on the European Side of Beşiktaş, Şişli, Kağıthane, Beyoğlu, Eyüp, Fatih, Zeytinburnu, Bakırköy and Güngören; On the Anatolian Side, Üsküdar, Ümraniye and Kadıköy will pass through their districts.

The project that includes 2 highway and 1 rail system, Sogutlucesme-Altunizade-Gayrettepe-Sutluce-CevizliIt will have a length of approximately 31,5 kilometers along the vineyard-fig line.



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