We will focus on Elvan Railway investments

We will focus on Elvan Railway investments: Elvan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. This year we will spend 7,5 billion liras on railway investments. From 2016, we will also overtake highway investments X
Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that they would like to open the railways to competition and said, leşme All of our preparations are over. 1-2 will explain this in the month, we will launch applications for the liberalization of railways. X
Elven, in his speech at the meeting held at the Unity Foundation, said that Turkey's recent 12-13 years has achieved very significant gains.
Turkey's Elvan growing and developing as a country to be seen pointing out that "Turkey will do that in the coming period will not face easy times, but people want strong support for Turkey continues. We have no hesitation in this matter, no hesitation Bu.
Elven, national will, if the exit with the government stating it would be very important developments in the coming period, Turkey, "Turkey's growth, the strengthening from having more say in the world, the aggressive attitude of the segments that are deeply uncomfortable with the increase of competitiveness will be further increased" the assessment found .
Inside and outside the country voicing made in a number of activities discredit Elven, "I wonder how we can break the power of Turkey in the quest, but Turkey, growth will continue to strengthen" shared his opinion.
Van The AK Party governments have won a victory over the victory in the elections,, Elvan said. Hopefully 2015 will add power to Turkey's power we will achieve victory in June, more will be opened in front of us, "he said.
In the field of transportation in Turkey's investments in the last 12-13 years that compared to the year before 80 Referring Elven, 2003 up that 6 thousand 100 kilometers of divided highway made, if the divided road with 12 years reported finding about 18 thousand kilometers. Minister Elvan, annually 8-9 thousand kilometers on the road they are doing development, he said.
Elvan 2003 50 12 13 kilometers until the last 200-128 XNUMX kilometers over the tunnel is made, the opening of the tunnels this year is the length of the XNUMX kilometers, he said.
- Developments in railway transportation
Turkey, stating that receive a significant distance from the Elven-speed train operations, said:
“In the coming period, we will focus on railway investments. This year we will spend 7,5 billion liras on railway investments. From 2016, we will also overtake highway investments. We will give more weight to rail investments, we will allocate money. We will equip all four sides with Turkey's high-speed train line. "
Lütfi Elvan, who gave information about the works on the liberalization of the railways, continued as follows:
Lar We want to open up railways to competition with liberalization. This is not a privatization, but completely liberalization. State Railways will not only be railway operators. We will open all railways for passenger and freight transport to companies that want to. 'Give me your rent, do your business. If the traveler, the passenger, the high load 'will say. All of our preparations are over. 1-2 will explain this in months, we will launch applications for the liberalization of railways. X
Minister Elvan, 4G tender recently, the end of the year by the end of the year, the subscribers said they aim to benefit from this service.
High-speed train, describing the satellite manufacturing is continuing efforts to be made in Turkey Elvan, said that the final stage in the regional aircraft operation.
-The base station work--
Elvan responding to the questions of the participants of the meeting, Esenboga Airport will make an additional runway, the apron will expand the area, he said.
Elvan told that they are working on a project for the construction of a metro line from the Esenboğa Airport to the city center and said that 2 stands on different routes and would prefer one of them.
Minister Elvan, the base station to prevent pollution caused by the joint base station use on the measures for the said.

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