New bridge coming to Çatal Köprü

A new bridge is coming to Çatal Köprü: The Metropolitan Municipality has started a renovation work in Çatalköprü on the Mudurnu Stream. The new bridge will be 56 meters long and 13 meters wide.
Head of the Department of Science, Ali Oktar said, “Our renovation works have started on the old bridge at the entrance of Çatalköprü District, on the route known as the Old Ankara Road. Within the scope of our work that will take about 120 days, we will ensure the flow of vehicles and pedestrians on the route through alternative routes, ”he said.
Signs & Markers To Be Followed
Adding that the citizens were directed to the D-100 highway by following the signs and markers on the route that was closed to transportation, Oktar said, “Before starting our renovation works on the bridge, we met with our fellow townsmen who used the route and gave detailed information about the project. With the alternative routes determined by our Transportation Department, we direct the arrivals from Çökekler entrance, Budaklar Junction and Hendek to the D-100 Highway ”.
Alternative Routes
Oktar said, “Our first alternative for our citizens who will move on the Çatalköprü route by using the Old Ankara Road is the Çökekler Entrance. We have determined the Budaklar Junction as the second alternative to reach the Çatalköprü District and residential areas to the east. Alternatives were also prepared for arrivals from Hendek. Our countrymen who want to reach the city center from Hendek by using the old Ankara road are directed to the D-100 Highway from Yeniormanköy Junction ”.
New Bridge to Mudurnu Stream
Providing information about the bridge renewal works initiated at the entrance of Çatalköprü Neighborhood, Oktar said, “Our renovation works in Çatalköprü, located on the Mudurnu Stream, continue at full speed. Our teams will complete the casting works on the bridge piles in a short time. With the new bridge, which will be 56 meters long and 13 meters wide, we will increase the transportation safety on the route. "Good luck to our city."

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