The construction of the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge will take 8 months and will now be completed in 2 months.

📩 24/12/2018 16:35

The construction of the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge will take 8 months and will now be completed in 2 months: Underwater Stone Pouring Leveling System has been developed with the support of TUBITAK.
With the project supported by TÜBİTAK, a system to carry out stone casting work on the deep sea bottom of Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge was developed. With the developed system, the work expected to last eight months was completed in two months.
Work continues on the Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge, the most important crossing point of the "Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway Project", which will reduce the road transportation between Istanbul and Izmir to 3,5 hours. When the bridge is put into service, approximately 1,5 hours of transportation time will decrease to 6 minutes. Since the middle span is 550 meters and its length is 2 meters, the system that casts stones on the deep sea floor has been developed for the suspension bridge, which will take the title of the fourth largest in the world. TUBITAK TEYDEB by providing information about support system developed for the first time in Turkey Mechanical Engineer Tamer In fact, the field of transportation, he said the project is very worthwhile.
Today, a significant part of the engineering applications in the field of water (lake, river, river, etc.) and the sea bottom of the realization that the realization of the real, ve Bridge and underwater tube gate construction of the feet, lake, stream bed or the sea floor unprotected placement there is no question. Some special methods are used in the construction of the foundations of the bridge piers that sit on the lake, river or sea floor. One of these methods is the method of the caisson (which is constructed as reinforced concrete pylons and serves as a shoe foot). In the constructions where this method is used, the caissons must be placed on the smooth surface of the sea floor. In order to create a smooth surface at the sea floor, a flat and smooth bearing cover is constructed parallel to the surface of the sea, consisting of large and small (1-10 cm) stones, at the height of the area where the caisson floor will sit and at a certain height, called the caisson bed.
Stating that the stones are parallel to the sea surface is important for the soundness of the bridge, Ar We developed a system called ün ULE önemli as a result of our R & D studies. With this system, we fix the stones that are poured to make the caissons sit properly on the base. With the Stone Pour system, the stones are not smooth and then these stones are leveled with the help of a knife under the 40 meter of the sea. On the leveling stones (gravels), the caissons sit. If the leveling surface is not smooth, there will be a problem of steepness in the caisson. Tes
ulei the very small size of voicing used in the Marmaray In fact, he said that a system of this size used for the first time in Turkey Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge. Truth, “With this system we developed, we completed our work in less than normal. The work, which will be completed in about eight months, is completed in two months. Without this project, we would do things with the diver. It is very difficult to work with the diver 40 meters under the sea. Or we would do it with systems from abroad. This would increase the cost 3-4 times. We also prevented imports by developing this locally. ”

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