Land Crash in the area where the Marmaray line passes through Darıcada

Land Fight in the Region where the Marmaray Line Passes in Darica: In Darıca District of Kocaeli, unrest started to occur in some districts due to the further appreciation of the land along the Marmaray line. The residents of Abdi İpekçi District suggested that some people wanted to take away their houses and lands where they had been living for 70 years, threatening them due to the rapid rise in land prices here.
Recently, threats increased, despite the deeds in their hands despite the forced evasion of homes and land suggesting that Abdi Ipekci neighborhood residents Suleyman Yilmaz, Adnan Arslan Ekşi, Temel Aydın, Hamiyet Erdoğa, Ömer Çadır, said that this incident started with the passing of the Marmaray line and the appraisal of the land. Süleyman Yılmaz, one of the residents of the neighborhood, said:
“There are families who have been living in this neighborhood for almost 70 years. We bought these lands from someone we know as the grandson of Ethem Pasha in time. Later, the National Real Estate Directorate sold and our deeds were given. We have been living in this neighborhood for many years. After it was clear that Marmaray would pass from here, when the value of our places suddenly increased, some people looked at them. They pass our places on themselves with fake documents. They threaten those who do not sell their places and homes. The land mafia wants to take over the citizens' houses and places by force of arms, but nobody says stop. ”
Neighborhood residents, this problem is not interested in the event of sad events may be said.



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