Samsun Rail System Tender to be rearranged for domestic contribution share

The struggle for the correction of tenders of Samsun and Konya municipalities, which do not consider the 51 threshold, is being initiated.
The OSTİM Rail Transport System Cluster decided not to step back from the 51 domestic contribution requirement set out in the Ankara Metro.
At the meeting held at Ankara OSTIM, under the direction of Rüştü Bozkurt, the author of Dünya Newspaper, industrialists said, Ankara 51 is an important step and an absolute threshold. Those who are out of this have no excuse. Turkey is able to produce these vehicles, "he said.
Turkish industry, 70'i can do easily, in a few years can capture the 100'da recorded in the meeting; industrialists mentioned bureaucratic obstacles and demanded that the specifications be prepared in consultation with firms.
These systems are not government policy, while pointing that there should be a government policy, that means should be taken at least so 70 local content were recorded and about 2 trillion dollars from the market of Turkey will occur in the world, it was stated that he should get a share.
Sector, the 51 threshold, ignoring the Samsun and Konya municipalities have initiated a struggle for the correction of tenders.

Source: Ntvmsnbc

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