Historical Mudanya Train Was Brought To Bursa To Be Exhibited

Historical Mudanya Train was brought to Bursa to be exhibited: The historical Mudanya Train, which has been serving for many years in Bursa, was brought to the old Merinos Station for display. A wagon of the train will serve as a cafeteria in the historical station.

Sultan II. The land train, which served for many years on the railway built between 1874 and Bursa-Mudanya during the reign of Abdülhamid Han, met with Bursa residents years later. After the Osmangazi Municipality restored Merinos Station, the steam-powered black train was brought to Bursa. The Mudanya Train, which was operated by the French company for a while, provided long-term transportation between Mudanya-Bursa and played an important role in transferring the goods produced in Bursa to other regions, especially Europe.

The railway, which was very effective in the recognition of Bursa and its region, was removed from operation on July 10, 1953, while the rails were removed and sold one by one. Merinos Station, which has become known only as the street name today, remained abandoned for many years. Osmangazi Municipality and Çekül Foundation, which took over the train station from the treasury, restored the historical station building with the joint project they carried out. The station building was put into service as a wedding palace and social facility.

The long-awaited famous black train was also taken from Bursa's State Railroad depot in Manisa and brought to Bursa. It is stated that a wagon will be organized as a cafeteria together with the locomotive.

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