tarsus history has started the largest road work
33 Mersin

The Largest Road Work in Tarsus History Begins

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Tarsus has initiated the largest road work in the history of the district. Tarsus District Pirömerli-Boztepe-Böğrüeğri Neighborhoods connecting each other and is of great importance for transportation to other neighborhoods in the region group road, Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and [more…]

mersin metro project and map of mersin metro
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Mersin Metro Project and Mersin Metro Map

Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament), the Planning and Budget Committee Chairman Lutfi Elvan's Mersin subway to say that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave approval for the receipt of the investment program, has created great excitement in Mersin citizens. Short by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

mersin metro investment program
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Mersin Metro Investment Program

Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament), the Planning and Budget Committee Chairman Lutfi Elvan, saying Mersin subway gave Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's approval for the receipt of the investment program, "I thank you for the value it attaches to Mersin our President. Mersin subway investment [more…]

increased air conditioning and open door control in Mersin
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Increases Air Conditioning and Open Door Inspection in Mersin

In the summer days when the heat is intensely felt in Mersin, the citizens of the Directorate of Municipal Police Inspection Branches, which are connected to the Directorate of Municipal Police Department, which frequently tighten their routine controls in order to ensure the comfortable transportation and safety of the citizens in public transportation vehicles, continue their inspections. [more…]

asphalt move in the Taurus Mountains
33 Mersin

Asphalt Move in Toroslar from Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalting works in all districts at the same time in Toroslar District. In the summer months, the citizens of the Metropolitan Municipality carried out their activities as high asphalting in rural neighborhoods, which were used as highlands by citizens. [more…]

mersin big city is looking for the best in transportation
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Mersin is also looking for the best in transportation

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to solve the problems in public transportation and increase the quality without slowing down. The metropolitan municipality met with the representatives of the sector and the public transport cooperatives that provide transportation for tens of thousands of citizens throughout the province every day. [more…]

mercury and obelisk on asphalt
33 Mersin

Mercury and Obelisk attained Asphalt

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, completed the asphalt works in rural districts of the Mediterranean District. Metropolitan, Civanyaylağı and between the neighborhoods of Camili Dikilitaş Neighborhood Hürriyet Street and Kayalar Street has solved the problem of asphalt waiting for the citizens for a long time. Total in two neighborhoods [more…]

another first in tarsus from big city
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Another First in Tarsus from Metropolitan

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has completed preparations for Eid al-Adha with all its units. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which shows its social sensitivity on every platform, has provided free passenger transport to the City Cemetery which was applied only in certain neighborhoods in Tarsus in the previous periods. [more…]

mut osb road works full throttle
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Mut OSB Road Works Full Gas

Construction of Mut Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), which will contribute greatly to the economic development of both Mersin and Mut, continues. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which supports the works that are of great importance for the industrial sector, is from Mut OIZ [more…]