kayseri meet electric buses
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Kayseri to Meet Electric Buses

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its transportation investments without slowing down. 6 electric bus was introduced by Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik for a more comfortable transportation. President Steel, one hundred percent of buses that are environmentally friendly, comfortable and quiet [more…]

mini terminals introduced
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Mini Terminals Introduced

One of the projects to be modeled for Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Mini Terminals Project was introduced with the participation of Mayor Mustafa Çelik and representatives of the sector. Speaking at the meeting President Mustafa Celik, Turkey and the mini terminal project is a first in the world that [more…]

smart signs from the city
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Smart City Signs from Smart City

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. el Smart Signs., which was developed by the company and provided guidance and information services about the car parks, were placed at the 11 point of the city. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. and information about car parks [more…]

erciyesin photoshoot
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Photographing the Unique Beauty of Erciyes

Professional Photography Education and Culture Tour organized by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality was held this week in Erciyes Mountain which is the most important tourism value of Kayseri. The participants had the opportunity to photograph the unique beauty of Erciyes. Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of culture and art activities [more…]

erciyes summit therapy
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Therapy at the Summit of Erciyes

Patients treated at the Community Mental Health Center with the instructions of Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik experienced a different and beautiful day in Erciyes. Kayseri State Hospital Chief Physician Ismail Altintop, thanks to President Çelik for this opportunity provided to them [more…]

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Journalists Meet in Erciyes

Erciyes hosted journalists from the province of 30 and the traditional journalism competition of the Kayseri Journalists' Association. With the organization of Kayseri Journalists Association, journalists of 30 province came to Erciyes with their spouses and children. Journalists from Erciyes hosted by the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

champions will be able to
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Champions will grow from this school

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues to train the skiers of the future in the biggest ski school of our country. Spor A.Ş., which is a part of the Metropolitan Municipality, will teach skiing about 1000 students only during the semester break. Greater Municipality Sports Co. ün Snow [more…]

Reach the efficiency in Kayseri was the first turkey
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Turkey Becomes First in Kayseri Transport Efficiency

Kayseri Transportation Inc. won the second place in the efficiency category with the ”Kayseri Transportation Model in the Gross Cost Contract Kayseri project. Kayseri Transport Inc., established in 2008 in order to carry out the services of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality in the field of transportation, Transist-Istanbul Transportation Congress and [more…]