mayis ataturku memorial young and happy holiday
06 Ankara

19 May 100 of Atatürk Commemoration, Youth and Sports Day. Happy Anniversary

19 In May 1919, Mustafa Kemal arrived in Samsun with the Bandırma Ferry and is today accepted against the invasion of the Entente Powers on the day of the Turkish War of Independence. Atatürk gave this holiday to Turkish youth. 19 May 1919, a [more…]

06 Ankara

400 Liraya Lying Kars

As a result of the meetings between the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan and the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the first expedition 29 was presented to the sale of the tickets of Tourism Orient Express to be held in May. First time 29 May Wednesday [more…]

iftar meals ego mutfagindan
06 Ankara

Iftar Dishes from EGO Cuisine

EGO dining hall with hygienic conditions prepared under the food menu, the capitalists who opened the iftarını, thanks to President Yavaş Ankara-Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work social and people-oriented work in the separate points of the year established 9 tents capitalists show great interest. [more…]