New tourist express like east express comes more
20 Denizli

5 New Touristic Express Comes More Like East Express

After the Eastern Express, 5 comes with new tourist express. Taurus, Aegean, Pamukkale, Van Lake and Southern Kurtalan Express wagons will be prepared and will work as 'tourist express'. According to the news of the morning newspaper Burak Erdem Celik, the government in tourism [more…]

56 Siirt

Rise of Efe to Tillo Castle

Efe'den Tillo Castle Glass Terrace Instead of the cable car proposal: Siirt University Faculty of Science and Literature Faculty Secretary Mehmet Efe, Tillo Kaymakamlığı planned to be done in the district instead of the glass terrace project by offering a ropeway, the ropeway project to the tourism of the region at the same time [more…]