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Loved East and Southeast Flight

Funda Ocak, the General Manager and Chairman of the Board of State Airports Authority, announced the increase in passenger statistics for some airports in the east and southeast on the official Twitter account. Major investments made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure [more…]

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TCDD Railways Map

TCDD Railways Map: TCDD Railways Map It is currently available in a very high resolution. You can also download the current World Railway map from our website. TCDD Railways Map: You can download TCDD official railways maps from the following links: [more…]

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Hani Railway to Ağrı

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman Harun Karaca, the railroad from time to time in the comments about the railroad found. Agri Development Association President Omer Yildiz said in a statement on social media Civil Society [more…]

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National Skier Smoking Young People Gain Sport

Non Adds National Skier Sport to Young Money: Turkey is located in the ski sport and ski championship coaching Yilmaz who, by preventing young people's smoking a pack of cigarettes skiing aims to provide the money. Turkey and the ski sport with championship [more…]

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The ski resort of Ağrı

Good news of the ski resort of Ağrı: The Governor of Ağrı Musa Işın has announced that the Güneykaya Ski Center in Eleşkirt district, which has long been idle, will be re-opened. Governor Işın, Deputy Governor Sedat İnci, Eleşkirt Governor Abdulkadir Okay, Mayor of Eleşkirt [more…]

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Period Density at Kupkiran Ski Center

The Kupkiran Ski Center's Period Density: The Kupkiran Ski Center in Agri is experiencing a half-year break. Küpkıran Ski Center in Ağrı is experiencing a half-year break. The Küpkıran Ski Center is experiencing the most active period of the season due to its half-year break. Early morning [more…]

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Semester Intensity at Küpkıran Ski Center

Kupkiran Ski Center Semester Density: Küpkıran Ski Center in Ağrı, with the beginning of the semester holiday there was intensity. Children arriving to the center early in the morning, while enjoying the slide with sleds, their parents snowboarding and skiing. Governor of Ağrı [more…]

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Kupkan started to welcome ski lovers

Küpkıran started to welcome ski lovers: Küpkıran Ski Center in Ağrı started to welcome ski lovers. After the snow, which was effective before Christmas, athletes and citizens, to spend the weekend holiday skiing to the Küpkıran Ski Center flocked. Youth Services [more…]

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Ski Season Opened in Pain

Ski Season Opened in Ağrı: Ski season was opened in Ağrı The season at Küpkıran Ski Center in Ağrı opened in the winter. Under the influence of the snow underneath and snow thickness to the desired level [more…]

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Skiing season opened in the cube

Skiing season was opened in the Kupkıranda: After the rainfall in the region after the effective precipitation of snow thickness reached the desired level in Küpkıran Ski Center in Ağrı citizens experienced skiing Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Budak: u Ski center novices [more…]

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The old railway station

Centennial train station is the library: 99 annual railway station building in Doğubayazıt district will be converted into a library. 99 annual railway station building, which has been left to its fate for years and has an important place in the cultural heritage of the district, Ahmed-i Hani by Doğubayazıt District Governorship [more…]

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Mount Bobi to be Brought to Ski Tourism

Bobi Mountain will be earned for ski tourism: Ağrı Youth Services and Sports City Director Şafi Erim said that they will bring Babi Mountain back to ski tourism. Ebirkirt 100. Şafi Erim who visited Year Primary School, 8 has not been working for years and [more…]

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Latest situation in ski resorts

The last situation in the ski centers: Snow thicknesses in the ski centers in the East were measured by 91 in Konaklı, 49 in Cıbıltepe, 45 in Palandöken, 20 in Küpkan and 16 in Yalnızçam. Due to the snowfall in the region, the snow thicknesses in the ski centers [more…]

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Skiing in the Kupkiranda

Skiing in the Kupkıranda: With the schools entering the semester break, the citizens enjoyed skiing at the Küpkıran Ski Center. Citizens, the skiing center of the Kupkiran Ski Center, skiing skiing by enjoying the skies experienced. 15 centimeter of snow thickness [more…]

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Gokyca ski resort gospel

Gokyça ski center gospel: Ağrı Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Mehmet Şafi Erim, Taşlıçay'ı visited. Şafi Erim, district governor Atif Çiçekli and Mayor İsmail Taşdemir visited the offices and exchanged views on some issues. [more…]

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Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University Students

Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University Students' Skiing Experience: The students of Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University Faculty of Education had the pleasure of skiing for the first time within the scope of 'I Can Ski Kayabiliyorum' project. Faculty of Education with Religion Culture and Moral Knowledge School [more…]

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Turkey's new ski resorts

new ski centers in Turkey: Courhevel, Chamonix (France), St. Moritz (Switzerland), Zell am See (Austria), Cortina (Italy), Aspen (America), Borovets (Bulgaria). These are some of the ski resorts where tens of thousands of Turks spend millions of euros to ski each year. past [more…]

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Railway Lengths by Provinces

rail length according to the City: Turkey State Railways (TCDD), according to the head of your provinces which attracts the course in terms of the length of the railway? Here is the answer ı 2012 TCDD data reveal the length of the rail passing through the provincial borders. According to this [more…]

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Mount Ararat ´na Cable Car

Ağrı Dağı sağlayanna Cable Car Tourism is a very important event that contributes to the promotion and economy of the countries. For this reason, developed countries transfer a significant portion of the country's income to promotion, tourism and so on. Most countries contribute to promotion and economy [more…]