Container Port and Fisherman's Center
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Container Port and Fishing Shelters Will Make the Army a Attraction Center

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler stated that although the army was on the Black Sea coast, he could not benefit enough from the sea and said olm We have to be in peace with the sea Mehmet. Doğ CONTAINER PORT IS A HIGHLY IMPORTANT PROJECT ER The sea and its nature in terms of tourism [more…]

the roads closed in the army
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Roads in Ordu

In the spring months, heavy snow and rainfall occurred in the landslides occurring in the landslides of Ordu, was opened again with the intervention of Metropolitan Municipality teams. Metropolitan teams intervened in dozens of landslides in 15 district in April [more…]

army roads km cizgi cizildi
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353 Km Line Drawing on Army Roads

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in order to ensure safer traffic flow on the streets and streets paved across the province and to increase the comfort of the roads. Metropolitan Municipality teams completed the asphalt works in the last two years, approximately 353 km [more…]

the army continues to change in zubeyde hanim avenue
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Ordu Zubeyde Hanim Street is Changing!

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its pedestrianization and pavement works in various parts of the city. President Engin Tekintaş said, Cad Within the scope of the pavement renovation work carried out at Zübeyde Hanım Street, concrete plaque stone, granite slab stone, pavement renovation and lighting [more…]

important protocol for ski sport
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Important Protocol for Ski Sport

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports signed a protocol within the scope of the il Widespread Skiing Project il prepared for the development of ski sport in our city. Chairman Engin Tekintaş said, Engin Skiing our youth with the cooperation protocol we made [more…]

Fatsa OSB
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Fatsa OSB Reaches Hot Asphalt

The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to renew the infrastructure and superstructures of the industrial zones that contribute to the economy of the Army, has united the Fatsa Organized Industrial Zone on the hot asphalt. Organized Industrial Zone is the backbone for Fatsa Army Mayor Engin [more…]