first step for amasray
05 Amasya

First Step for Amasray

Feasibility and field studies were carried out for the nostalgic tram project planned to be built by Amasya Municipality. Amasya Mayor Mehmet Sarı, Mayor Chief Advisor Ahmet Yenihan, Deputy Mayor İsmail Kazan, Science Director Ali Özel, [more…]

05 Amasya

Ambulance Trains in Amasya

Two antique locomotives in Amasya, which museums cannot share, still retain the mystery. According to research, antique locomotives 1. It is estimated that during World War I, during the War of Independence, it used to transport coal and weapons between Istanbul and Anatolia. Amasya can not share the museums [more…]

A current map TCDD Railway 2018 2
01 Adana

TCDD Railways Map

TCDD Railways Map: TCDD Railways Map It is currently available in a very high resolution. You can also download the current World Railway map from our website. TCDD Railways Map: You can download TCDD official railways maps from the following links: [more…]

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05 Amasya

Historic looking bus stop in Amasya

The bus stops prepared in accordance with our history and architecture by Amasya Municipality Machine Supply personnel are placed in four corners of our city. Cafer Özdemir made a statement about the subject; Açılma Protecting our history, culture and tourism [more…]

05 Amasya

Taşova Vocational School of Higher Education

Taşova Vocational School of Higher Education (MYO) program of rail systems: Taşova Yüksel Akın Vocational School (Vocational School of Higher Education) 'Rail Systems Management' program will be students in the 2016-2017 academic year. Taşova Yüksel Akın Vocational School of Higher Education (Vocational School of Higher Education) to be opened in the 'Rail Systems Management' program 2016-2017 education-training [more…]

05 Amasya

Young people enjoying skiing and hot spring

Skiing and hot spring enjoyment of young people: Sevgi Evleri students organized a moral and motivation trip to Samsun Ladik Ski Center, Amasya and Yozgat Sorgun Spas with their teachers and institution staff. Ski resort in winter [more…]