gordes roads ctp and snow cubes
45 Manisa

CTP and Snow Bar on Gordes Roads

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, heavy snowfall in the winter season, connected to the town of Gordes Kalemoglu, flowers, Dutluca 24 kilometer CTP and snow bar made the work. Manisa, which increases the measures on neighborhood roads in Gördes district of Manisa [more…]

gordese new bus stops
45 Manisa

New Bus Stations to Gordes

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Gördes district center 3 has established the new point of stop. Citizens are not affected by the rain and the sun was established in order to attract attention with its modern appearance. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Gordes public transportation using the sun [more…]

maxion inciden pearl rim factory
45 Manisa

Maxion Pearl's 5 Wheel Rim Factory

Maxion Wheels, the largest wheel manufacturer in the world, and Maxion Pearl Wheel Group, a subsidiary of Inci Holding, laid the foundation of their new factory. With the opening of the factory, which is planned to be completed in 2020, Maxion Pearl Wheel Group will launch 5 factory in total. [more…]

salihlide inspection of public transport vehicles
45 Manisa

Audit for Public Transport Vehicles in Salihli

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Directorate conducted inspections for vehicles providing public transportation services to rural neighborhoods in Salihli district in order to improve service quality in transportation and increase public satisfaction. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation [more…]

salihlide pedestrian safety in the foreground
45 Manisa

Pedestrian Visual Line Study in Salihli

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and Salihli Municipality launched the first application in the Salihli district center within the scope of the 'First Pedestrian' project initiated by the Ministry of Interior in 81 province to draw attention to pedestrian priority in traffic. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Head of Transportation Department [more…]

45 Manisa

No Passage to Documentless Transport in Manisa

Municipal Police Department of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the Directorate of Transportation teams, to increase the control of documents to prevent undocumented and pirated transport. In this context, vehicles transporting services in Salihli passed inspections. Depending on the Directorate of Transportation Department of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

refreshing bus stops at selendide
45 Manisa

Renewing Bus Stations in Selendi

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality continues the renovation of the bus stops in various districts of Selendi district. The Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa continues its efforts to provide safe and comfortable transportation for the citizens. Manisa aims to reach the desired places of the citizens with modern vehicles on the paved roads [more…]