manisa card application updated
45 Manisa

Manisa Card Application Updated

MANULAŞ, a subsidiary of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, announced that the Manisakart application has been updated in the Apple Store. Manisa Card application, which enables citizens to access the information they need about bus lines within the boundaries of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality on the App Store [more…]

selendi became a more modern city
45 Manisa

Selendi Became a Modern City

MASKI General Directorate, Selendi district center has carried out a thousand square meters of superstructure work 110 completed. MASKİ Assistant General Manager Erman Aydınyer met with Mayor Cengiz Ergün's selfless efforts to create a modern city atmosphere with the 17 district of Manisa. [more…]

Manisada Electric and Red Buses
45 Manisa

Electric and Red Buses in Manisa

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, 4 daily during the Eid al-Adha citizens to avoid transportation problems throughout the province of the red buses within the city of MANULAŞ electric buses that provide transportation service announced that the free service. 11-14 August [more…]

salihli bulent ecevit junction was reached
45 Manisa

Salihli Bülent Ecevit Intersection Ended

The Salihli Junction, called the road of death by the people of Salihli, was approached to an end in the intersection project initiated by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. Stage stage 1 in the studies organized. with the opening of the stage to the vehicle traffic, the work on the side road connections [more…]

salihliye new bus stops
45 Manisa

New Bus Stations to Salihli

New Bus Stations to Salihli. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, Salihli won the Bedesten Bazaar for the citizens can easily reach the new route planning. In this context, glass stops were deployed to the new stops. About the studies [more…]

pedestrian priority application
45 Manisa

Pedestrian Priority Application in Kula

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality to the designated points in the districts; expressing the priority of the pedestrian 'First Pedestrian' icons within the scope of assembly work in various streets of Kula district indicating the pedestrian priority stripes were drawn. Providing pedestrian safety and superiority in traffic, life and property [more…]