full support from the president
35 Izmir

Full Support from President Soyer for Young Entrepreneurs

The asında Bikeys Young Achievement Tun company, which was founded by the Ministry of National Education, won the competition for the students of Çiğli Science High School. Young entrepreneurs developed a bicycle with the slogan leri Pedal with energy “ [more…]

salihlide inspection of public transport vehicles
45 Manisa

Audit for Public Transport Vehicles in Salihli

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Directorate conducted inspections for vehicles providing public transportation services to rural neighborhoods in Salihli district in order to improve service quality in transportation and increase public satisfaction. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation [more…]

urla steamship starts mayista
35 Izmir

Urla Ferry Flights 18 Starts in May

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate, 18 Urla ferry service is launched from May. Karsiyaka, Konak, Guzelbahce route followed by the Urla Pier will take place on Saturdays and Sundays. Sea transportation with the fleet equipped with the latest technology ships [more…]

salihlide pedestrian safety in the foreground
45 Manisa

Pedestrian Visual Line Study in Salihli

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and Salihli Municipality launched the first application in the Salihli district center within the scope of the 'First Pedestrian' project initiated by the Ministry of Interior in 81 province to draw attention to pedestrian priority in traffic. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Head of Transportation Department [more…]