journey in history in istanbul moda tram
34 Istanbul

Journey in History in Istanbul 'Fashion Tram'

Journey in History in Istanbul 'Fashion Tram'. Istanbul is a city where the means of transportation have been transformed from day to day with its settlement area which has expanded throughout its history. An inner city transportation from the throne to the strollers, to the tramway to the trolleybuses, to cars, subways, buses and minibuses today [more…]

multi-faceted training from ego to staff
06 Ankara

Versatile Training from EGO to Staff

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality gave GO Effective Communication and Stress Management Training ine to EGO General Directorate Rail Systems Department personnel within the scope of in-house training activities. Occupational health and safety at the behest of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş [more…]

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41 Kocaeli

Akçaray Holiday Ready

Transportation to the Akçaray tramPark additional measures were taken by the Park. Pre-preparations for the citizens to live against the intensity of possible victims of grievances have been completed. The Rail Systems Directorate, which met before the feast and held a meeting; cleaning, running system, tram [more…]

gaziantepte bus tram and parkomat feast free of charge
27 Gaziantep

Free Bus, Tram and Parkomat in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, the citizens of the Eid al-Adha comfortable, peaceful and safe to complete the preparations. Touching the lives of people with a number of social projects, metropolitan, 4 day before the Eid al-Adha holiday transportation, graveyard and sacrifice to prepare for the areas [more…]

will the tram go deep
41 Kocaeli

Will the tram go to Derince?

Kocaeli Mayor Assoc. Dr. While Tahir Büyükakın was the social facility of the municipality in Kandira, 500 met the students and their families and journalists in the camp area given to the services of young people and sports. Mayor Büyükakın made very important statements [more…]