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Eid Feast in Istanbul and 19 Free Public Transport in May?

Parliamentary Assembly, Ramadan Feast and 19 May in Istanbul, free public transportation was accepted in parliament. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Council, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council 1. Vice President Göksel Gümüşdağ directed by [more…]

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'Logo Change' from Metro Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro Istanbul, “the logo used to represent the 'M' logo will be changed and this change will be spent on the million“ reported that the news was unfounded. The official website of Metro Istanbul is as follows: Some news sites [more…]

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Public Transport Percentage in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, 21-24 August between the dates of the public transport of 50 discounted service offered by the public. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council held the first meeting of July meetings in Saraçhane building. IMM Assembly 1. President [more…]

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Free Transportation in Istanbul

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; 50 discount service provided by 30 June-1 July, XNUMX students and officials to participate in the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) decided to make free use of public transportation vehicles. Greater Istanbul [more…]

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10 New Metro Line to be Made in Istanbul

The most important 10 metro line, which becomes closer in Istanbul, will facilitate the transportation of many locations from Bakırköy to Çekmeköy, Kağıthane to Zeytinburnu and will reshape housing preferences. The General Manager of Emlakjet Gizem Moral Kunter, the realization of these metros [more…]