project to unlock traffic in scholarship awaits support from ankaradan
16 Bursa

5 Project to Unlock Traffic in Bursa

. We saw Alinur Aktaş, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, more willing and determined than his usual positive approach. There is no doubt that başına To win the election is self-confidence. Along with this, as with the slogan of choice, work hard [more…]

discount on mayista holiday discount for mayista students
16 Bursa

Transportation in Bursa '19 May' Free

Students' '19 May Atatürk Commemoration, Youth and Sports Day' public transportation vehicles that allow free access to the arrangement, the Metropolitan Municipality Council was adopted unanimously in the vote. The regular meeting of Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality was held. Greater Municipality [more…]

bursaray last time due to Ramadan extended time
16 Bursa

Additional Bus Schedules for Ramadan in Bursa

Within the scope of the Temaşai Ramadan activities to be held in Merinos Park in Bursa due to the Ramadan month, there were additional bus services until the 01.00 after the last expedition of Bursaray. In Bursa, the month of Ramadan will be filled with the programs of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. To be held in Ramadan [more…]