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TCDD Delegation in Italy

TCDD delegation headed by TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun 12 On June 2019, a delegation to the Italian Railways was held to discuss current and potential bilateral cooperation issues, to conduct technical visits and to exchange ideas for the international railway sector. [more…]

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Terrible Train Crash in Italy

A suburban train near the city of Milan, Italy, derailed by derailing. Two people died in the accident, 10 serious 100 is said to be injured as well. The accident took place in Seggiano di Pioltello. The train moving from Cremona was going to Venice from Milan. At the scene [more…]

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Apaydin Visits Italian Railways

Apaydın Visited Italian Railways: TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın The Delegation of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) headed to Italian Railways (FS) and its affiliates. Expansion of the Cooperation in the Field of Railroads between TCDD and FS [more…]

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Competition on rails is heating up

Competition on rails is growing: German railway company Deutsche Bahn introduces the new high-speed train model. High-speed trains that are competing for the air travel are competing not only with speed but also with comfort. European railways with airline tickets [more…]

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110 people stranded on the cable car line in the Alpine mountains (Video)

110 is stranded on the cable car line in the Alpine mountains: due to a technical failure in the Mont-Blanc mountain between France and Italy, the 110 people were stranded in the ropeways during the evening. Technicians of the company operating the ropeways can not solve the problem for a long time [more…]

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A Dream Ride, Bernina Train

A dream journey, the Bernina Train: Bernina's dream, which began with my vision in a documentary. “I have to go, I must definitely get on this train,“ I said. After a short investigation, I immediately told the route and a few of my friends. At the end, I saw that Paris [more…]

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Military excavation

Metro excavation from the military barracks: Italy's capital of Rome for the third line of the subway excavations in the ancient Roman-era remains of a large military barracks were found. MS 2, ruled by Emperor Hadrian. century barracks ruins [more…]