ukrainian tourists admire kayseriye
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Ukrainian Tourists Admire Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues to introduce historical and natural values ​​of Kayseri, especially Erciyes Winter Tourism Center. Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Memduh Büyükkılıç met with Ukrainian tourists in Erciyes. With the work of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ukrainian tourism [more…]

act opened ukraine office
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Movement Opens Ukraine Office

Motion Project Transportation and Freight Engineering, the leading brand of the sector with its technology, expert staff and superior service standards, has added Ukraine to its international offices within the framework of its vision of becoming a global brand. 60 has been a heavy lifting and [more…]

referral acunere new task in ukraine
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Şevki Acuner's New Mission in Ukraine

Between the years 2013- 2018, Mr. Şevki Acuner, who served as the Ukrainian Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has appointed Ukraine as a member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrzaliznitsa. Former Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine Şevki Acuner in Ukraine [more…]

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Interpipe shipments to Saudi Arabia

Interpipe shipments to Saudi Arabia for the first time: Interpipe, a Ukrainian steel pipe and rail caster manufacturer, has announced that it has delivered the first railway craft shipment around the 3.000 units to the Saudi Railway Organization. Total iron to be sent to Saudi Arabia [more…]

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Port names are changed in Ukraine under the law

In Ukraine, the port names are changed in accordance with the law: In accordance with the instructions given by the Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Omelyan, the name of the port and railway facilities are changed within the scope of the law on demilitarization. Under the law of communism, settlements and the statues that remove the Soviet symbols [more…]

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Russian railway in Ukraine

Russian railway stations in Ukraine will intervene in history: Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Vladimir Omelyan has announced that Russian signs and signs in railway stations in the country will be removed. Omelyan announces the decision made with the message he shared with his Facebook account, şt All tickets to the station, 2016 [more…]