18 of the trouser-free event
1 America

18 of Pantone Free Metro Event

This year, the 18 was held this year for the 'No Pants Subway Ride' event in New York, Germany, Berlin, England, London and the Netherlands Amsterdam. This year, dozens of cities around the world [more…]

31 Netherlands

Rail system in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the rail system will operate in the wind: the Netherlands announced that the energy required by the rail system will be covered by the 100 of wind energy. According to Eneco, Eneco and VIVENS companies will be renewed by the current rail systems 50 electricity needs wind [more…]

31 Netherlands

EU boosts safety on train journey

The EU increases safety on the train journey: After the assault on the Thalys train in the Amsterdam - Paris flight, the tightening of security measures on the train journey in Europe is on the agenda. However, the measures would be contrary to the principles of la open society düş and would limit the freedom of travel. [more…]

31 Netherlands

Armed attack on Amsterdam-Paris train

Amsterdam-Paris train attack: The Paris Anti-Terror Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the armed attack in the Belgian Thalys High Speed ​​Train from Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, to Paris, the capital of France. The prosecutor's office said that a person's Kalashnikov brand [more…]

31 Netherlands

Crane Rail Systems

Crane-Related Rail Systems: edilon) (sedra CRS (Crane Rail System) sea ports, ports in the inner zone, economic, flexible, long-lasting and low-maintenance rail line in transfer terminals and industrial zones [more…]

31 Netherlands

Germany Dutch drivers burnt

Germany Dutch drivers will burn fires: bad news from Germany to some Dutch drivers who charge some highways. If Dutch drivers forget to pay the toll in Germany, they will have to pay 280 euro with the penalty. ADAC made the statement by the German Automobile Association, [more…]

31 Netherlands

UPS drivers strike again

UPS drivers strike again: Amsterdam UPS package distributor drivers went on strike again on Monday. Thus, UPS drivers go on strike for the third time in a short time. FNV, a better batch of drivers in the Transport and Logistics industry [more…]