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98 Iran

Tebriz-Van Train Flights Start Today

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, security problems due to 2015 years removed from the time Turkey (Van) - Iran (Tabriz) 18 time the passenger train had announced that it would begin in July. Today 3 year break between Van and Tabriz [more…]

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98 Iran

Van Iran Train Flights 18 Starts in June

Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Turkey and after the Eid al-Fitr train with passenger transportation between Iran has announced it will begin on June 18. Minister Arslan, after the feast of passenger transportation between Turkey and Iran will begin by giving the good news, he shared the following information: [more…]

98 Iran

From Turkey to Iran to Visit Railway Line

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications as an important step after step with the Ministry of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars to Beijing from London to turn into a seamless network with at Turkey's logistics center in the region, will be banned in Turkey's southern border. Government, Kars-Iğdır-Nahcivan line [more…]

98 Iran

The Kaos Logistics Industry in Iran Shoots!

The events that have been going on for days in Iran continue to increase their violence. The number of those who lost their lives while increasing the number of Turkish media. Iranian authorities could take tough measures against the incidents, and there could be wide-ranging interventions to suppress riots. [more…]

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94 Afghanistan

Iran will be opened to Uzbekistan

Afghan media president Ashraf Ghani visited Uzbekistan in the near future and announced that a series of co-operation agreements would be signed between the two countries. One of the main issues of the meeting with the Uzbek side will be cooperation in the field of railway communication. The scope of this cooperation, [more…]

86 China

Railway laying from China to Iran postponed

Tajikistan Minister of Transport Khudoyor Khudoyorov announced that Tehran has not allocated 1 million dollars grant money for the works of China-Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Iran Railway. The Tajik minister said the railway laying works from China to Iran were postponed. Tajikistan railway work [more…]

98 Iran

Irina train crash 44 dead

Iranian train accident 44 dead: two passenger trains in Iran headed to Haft-Khan Station in the town of Shahrud, about 400 miles east of Tehran. The fire broke out as a result of the collision. Authorities have so far 44 people in the event [more…]